Hags on Nags Saddle Club 2013 Scholarship Guidelines

Description: HON scholarships available in the amount of $50.

A. Applicants must be a current HON member in good standing.

B. Applicants must have a minimum of two years as a HON member.

C. Applicants are eligible for only one HON scholarship in a 3 year period.

Additional Requirements:
A. Applicants must submit proof of attending the clinic.
B. Applicants must be willing to share something they learned with other club members.

For example:

  1. Make a video explaining something learned
  2. Write an article for the newsletter
  3. Do a demonstration to explain something learned
  4. Teach a minimum of 5 other HONs a skill that was learned

Scholarship application must be submitted to the HON Scholarship committee at least one week prior to attending the clinic.

(Scholarship committee: Sheri Roberson, Sandy Rogers, Sherri Torrison, Filly Forum)

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