Meet Our Members


Amber K

Howdy, my name is Amber K and I’ve been a horse enthusiast and rider since I was 4 years old.  I grew up trail riding, racing in fun shows, and showing both Hunt and Western pleasure.  Western riding is my preference, and I love the cowgirl lifestyle.  I live with my husband and three children on a 20 acre farm in eastern Rock County.  I own three quarter horses and one mule; two of the four are retired.  The newest equine addition to our family is Okie, a 12 year old registered quarter horse.  He will be my trail partner in 2017 and beyond.  See you on the trails!

Andrea K.

Hi, My name is Andrea and I live near Jefferson, WI. This is my Fox Trotter mare, Fancy. I’ve been active in horses since I was in grade school. Many years! I have dabbled in just about every riding discipline but one that has stuck is my love for the trails. Nothing beats a single track through the woods!
I work in Whitewater, Wi as an electronics buyer for Universal Electronics. Married with one son, 3 dogs, 4 chickens, 2 ducks and a few more horses… who’s counting anymore.
I love to camp and explore new places to ride.

Angie F

Hi, my name’s Angie, and I live in Verona, just outside of Madison, with 7 horses, 2 dogs, 4 house cats, a flock of chickens and ducks, and an amusing African Grey parrot.  Oh, my husband and 16 year old son, also, neither of whom really share my love of horses, but my husband is very helpful with things around the farm.  I have two Norwegian Fjord Horses (I’m working on making a driving team out of them), two miniature horses, and my beautiful grulla Quarter Horse mare, Josie, who is my main ride.  I also board two Tennessee Walking Horses.  We enjoy riding around the “neigh-boorhood” with a couple of horse friends, sometimes going down to the Donald Park horse trails.  I used to ride on the volunteer patrol at the Midwest Horse Fair, I wouldn’t mind getting into that again.  I have had horses since I got my first horse at age 8, which was 35 years ago!  I grew up on my grandfather’s beef farm, and I’d make pets out of his cows.  He finally agreed to get me my first horse, Molly, if I’d promise to quit riding his cows!  It worked!  I have not been horseless since.  I just enjoy trail riding, but I’ve always had a love for dressage, and also have always thought it would be SO fun to do mounted search and rescue.  Maybe someday…

I have heard a lot about Hags on Nags, and would love to get more involved in the horse community, having fun and meeting new people!  I’ve always been a little on the shy side, but when it comes to talking horses, I don’t shut up!  I really look forward to getting involved, and gaining new friends, both horse and human!  (Photo is of my old spotted saddle horse, Toby, who I lost to colic a few years ago…..RIP sweet Toby!)

Audrey K

South Beloit, IL

I’ve been married to a great guy for the last 31 years and have 4 grown kids, 1 daughter and 3 sons. I have one grandson.  I’m a MP2 coordinator for Dean Foods. I have been in the maintenance field for over 30 years.

I grew up having ponies and horses for a good share of my childhood, and I have always had a love for horses.  When our daughter was born we had to sell my horse and moved to town. I told my husband that someday I would have horses again.  Well, 20 years later, I bought two beautiful Arab/Qtr mares with all their old tack and a little 2 horse trailer. I was in heaven!  Cherry was 18 and never broke and I hadn’t ridden in 20 years; not really a good combination, but it all worked out and she was truly my “soul horse.”   I really didn’t know any other horse people or anyone to ride with so my son and nephew would ride the 4 wheeler and dirt bike, and I would ride Cherry and around the neighborhood we would go! It didn’t matter as long as I was riding.  I graduated up to an old Triggs Fiberglass trailer with a dressing room and Ken fixed it up for me to camp in.  I had a twin mattress that was under where the mangers were, and he carpeted the dressing room.  I was able to start trail riding and camping, and I was living the dream!  A couple years later I bought a nice gooseneck 3 horse slant trailer with a weekender package. I would have never dreamed of owning something like it. Then all my adventures began…. traveling cross country with friends, riding beautiful trails whenever I had vacation.

In 2003 I met the HONS at Governor Dodge State Park. I was camping with my daughter, and my niece was supposed to bring her horse and meet me there. Well, she never showed because she couldn’t get her horse to load.  My daughter felt so bad that I didn’t have anyone to ride with.  There was a large group of ladies camping there at the same time, so I wandered over to say hi and to meet them.  After a few minutes one of them said, “Well, you are perfect “HAG” material!”   I inquisitively said, “Gee, thanks.”  That was the beginning of me being a HON and meeting many, many wonderful friends through the years. It was exactly what I needed!

My soul mate mare passed away four years ago and I had to find a new horse to ride.  I found “Doc.” He’s a 7 seven year old breeding stock paint gelding, a BIG, beautiful Bay.  I also have “Chilly” who is a coming 5 year old Bay Quarter Horse and then we have old “Smokey,” a beautiful Buckskin gelding who is 28 years old now and retired to a life of leisure.

Meeting the HONs was one of the best things to happen to me. It gave me the opportunity to meet other horse women that have the same passion for horses that I do.  I enjoy our many outings and activities that we share.

Hope Doc and I see you on the trails!

Babs And Guinness

As a little girl, I dreamt of having my own horse but it was a dream that was put on the back burner for quite some time. I joined the military in my late teens and training/travel made it impossible to even think about horse-ownership. After my short career as an MP, I met my husband and soon we flew out to Germany for a six-year posting. Horses? No, it wasn’t the right time then. Coming back to Canada with two young boys and living on a remote site on the northern tip of Vancouver Island proved to be the wrong time as well….as did the next few years with many moves back and forth across the country.

It was when I reached my 40th birthday that it finally hit me. Time was forever closing in and it was then that I took the “now or never” approach! I wanted to fulfill that childhood dream and no matter how frightened I was to take this step, I was going to take it! My husband, the love of my life, supported my venture whole-heartedly!

Now, after 4 ½ years, we own 5 horses, a donkey, 4 dogs and 3 cats. My two sons are grown and no longer live at home with one having joined the Navy in Victoria, BC. and the other in college in Toronto, On.

We are the proud guardians of:

Calida, a 4yr old Belgian pony cross mare.

Tess, a 3 yr old Percheron paint cross mare.

Abby, a 19-month-old registered Appendix Quarter horse filly.

Eddie, a newly acquired 8 yr old registered Morgan gelding.

Coco, a 5 yr old donkey.

And my soul mate and very first riding horse, Guinness, a 13 yr old Morgan gelding.

I consider myself very much a novice rider and owner. There is so much to learn and experience with horses that I sometimes find it overwhelming. However, it is through “horsy” friends and contacts that we are forever educating ourselves. Since Sept.04, we have relocated to southwestern Manitoba and have fulfilled yet another dream of owning our own ranch. We have 160 acres of mainly pasture and hay land and we just love it. No more moves for us! My husband has just started riding but totally supports my passion as it starts to engulf him. He is my stable boy and has more assurance around horses than I do. He is forever pushing me forward in my quest and I love him for that.

What does the future hold? I picture myself becoming more confident around and on horses by experiencing all I can. I want to expand my circle of friends, both near and far, and include them in my passion for riding. That is why becoming an Honorary Member of H.O.N.s is just so wonderful. I want to learn all I can and perhaps, just perhaps, even add to my extended family down the rode. Horses are so beautiful… and yet…they are so addictive!

Barbara L.

Hi! My name is Barbara. I live in Villa Park, Illinois. I’m a R.N. and work in the Emergency Room at Central DuPage Hospital. My horse, Stuart, resides in Harvard with my best friend, Patricia (another new HON).

Barb L.

Hi, my name is Barb and I am live in Madison, WI. My horses are kept at a stable near Mazomanie, WI I am married with 4 children

I purchased my first mare, Jay in 2008 and have been addicted to horses since! Jay is a Belgian/QH cross. She has turned into a great trail horse and I’m on the trails every chance I can get. In 2009, I purchased a tri-color paint as a yearling named Thunder. I’ve trained him for my daughter to ride. He has turned out to be a great mount for my daughter. He is small enough for her to ride, yet big enough for me to work with. And in 2011, I purchased a weanling QH filly named Sky, that I’ve been working with and plan to put her under saddle in the spring of 2014.

I wanted a horse since I was a little girl, but had to wait til I hit the big 4-0 til I knew it was possible. I had no idea back then, about the time & money that would be involved in this decision!
Since then I bought a horse trailer, a camping van and now a trail dog to make my weekends more fun.

I found the HONS website one afternoon as I was searching the web and was impressed with all the pictures that were shown on the website, I knew I wanted to join this group to meet more horse friends and learn more places to ride the trails.

Betsy L.

My name is Betsy L, and I’ve always been fascinated with horses, much like all the rest of you HON members! Of course I begged my parents for a horse, to no avail. I couldn’t see why at least a pony couldn’t live in our garage. What was the problem with that? My parents just laughed. I grew up, married, and had kids, and lo and behold, our daughter was horse crazy too. We started taking riding lessons at a boarding facility.

This led to (I’m sure you’re surprised by this) buying our own horses, one at a time so as not to scare my husband too much. Phoenix, Arie, Austin, and River are all gorgeous registered Paints.

We had lots of fun with our horses and became very familiar with horse slobber, pulling hay out of our bras, perpetually dirty and smelly boots, the smell of Equishine, paying vet bills, watching natural horsemanship videos, etc. After a time our daughter went to college and it was just me being horse crazy all by my lonesome. I continued for a few more years, but I had no one to share my interest. With a full time job and going back to school I started to feel I was holding my horses back from reaching more potential than I could give them. Eventually I began to think of finding new homes for them. I began searching high and low for the most wonderful people for my horses to belong to, and it was through Hags on Nags that I eventually found Chris L, who now has Phoenix and Arie, and Katie D, who has Austin (now called Leo), and Louise, who now owns River. I can’t express enough how thrilled I was to find these wonderful women, and I know that I could not have found them without the connections within HON. Chris, Katie, and Louise often keep me posted on how the horses are doing, and send me pictures. I continue to stay a member of HON so I can keep up contacts with horse people and see my friends and participate in a few events, including the Ride for the Cure event where I set up my jewelry table and give a portion of the proceeds to the fundraiser. I like to give back to HON in this way. Thank you to Sandy, the founder of HON! You just never know how your life can influence and ripple through the lives of others!

Bridgette B

Hello, My name is Bridgette. My first meeting with everyone was at Hagmania, and I had an exceptionally fun time. I live by Alpine Valley, in East Troy. I am a mother of a 6 year old daughter that is already starting to be a cowgirl in her own right. My fiancé does not ride at this time, he has seen my horse buck with me too many times for him to want to ride my horse, and (he says he is wild!) Did he look wild at Hagmania? I was the one racing around the arena trying to get away from all the hags that were chasing me in the handkerchief thief game…..

My first horse was given to me on my birthday when I was 12. He passed 25 years later. I grew up in Montana, that horse took me everywhere. I bought my second horse when I was living in Montana in 98’. He is the main man in the rest of the herd. My daughter has a 3 year old POA, he is identical to the main man in the herd. Although Zane is twice the size as Zander. Then I had a friend give me her horse, as her daughter no longer was interested. He is a beautiful light colored palomino, not completely broke but getting there.

This last summer I took in another POA. A cute black and white spotted filly, we named Zoë. (Do you see a pattern here with the Z names…?) Hence my farm name is Zaney Acres. Which I have a lot of room to ride here and I am adjacent from the Girl Scout camp of Illinois, (they are located in WI), Happy Hollow Equestrian Center. Then to round out the rest of the farm, is our Rottweiller, Tasch that keeps an eye on everything, and we like to raise chickens. We have 20 at this time and about 30 meat birds in the freezer.

Bonnie D

Town/State where you live: Juda WI

Family: Husband of 16 years, Bob; son, Justin; daughter, Audrey & son-in-law, Grant.

Occupation: daytime: Blackhawk Technical College; evenings & weekends: licensed massage therapist for people, horses, and dogs (PHD Massage LLC)

Interests, hobbies, talents, special skills, etc.: I love reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling, especially to the Virgin Islands. I also design and print business cards and raffle tickets.

How many horses and what breed(s) do you own? Bob and I are owned by three and 2 halves of horses! Dude, Bob’s 23 y/o TWH gelding; Reno, my 14 y/o painted heart girl (born on our farm on my birthday); Monty, my 10 y/o Arabian show turned trail horse gelding; The two halves: Markies Mach I & Jokers Wild – our 17 & 6 y/o miniature horse geldings

What kinds of horse related activities do you enjoy most? trail riding

How did you first get started with horses? Growing up, I had a couple of ponies on my grandpa & grandma’s farm – Star and Princess

What are your most memorable moments as a horse owner? The birth of my two babies – Reno & Monty and taking Monty all the way to Arabian Sport Horse Nationals when he was 2 and placing Top Ten with him.

What inspired you to become a member of Hags on Nags? My friend, Candace B.

Brenda S.

Hi My name is Brenda S. I live in Janesville, WI. I have been riding since I was a kid, would ride anything back then. I am much fussier now! These are my two trail riding mounts: Kahlua is my Kentucky Mountain Saddle horse who has been my main mount for almost 20 years. I have semi-retired her and have made Campeon, my Peruvian, my main mount. I do only trail riding, most of which I do between WI and MO, although, on occasion, I do like to try new places, IL, KY, TN….

I work in Madison as an accountant, am single with 2 adult kids, 3 dogs (some of you have already met Goober, my camping buddy) and I love the 9 months out of the year when I can go camping and trail riding!

Carol B.

I’m Carol! It’s 2013 and I’m already four months past my 64’th birthday! How could all those years have gone by so fast? My husband and I moved into our new home near Oxford, Wi. a year and a half ago! I’m retired! Bob plans to retire on his birthday 6/12/14! Our land hosts 25 rolling acres with a pond, a hay field, and a woods full of deer, turkeys…you name it. We are living our dream! We love it!

We have three awesome grown kids, and four of the sweetest grandchildren any “Cup Runneth Over” Grandma & Grandpa could ask for.

When I’m not HORSING AROUND, or on Grandma duty, I’m OUTSIDE, hunting with a gun, bow, fishing rod, or camera, or I’m slaving in one of the flower beds I’ve got scattered from the end of our long driveway all the way up and around our house.

I have three Paints! Taz & Turbo are mine and Dorey (Doors for short) is Bob’s. My #1 passion is, always has been, and always will be HORSES, HORSES, HORSES,,,!

That feeling people get when Willie Nelson’s old song “On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again! Going places that I never been….” comes on the radio…well, that is the same feeling I get when I start loading my horse into the trailer. I just can’t wait to get on the road again! Can’t wait to set up another camp site. Can’t wait to share another campfire with friends! Can’t wait to get saddled up! Can’t wait to check out a place I never been!

I joined the HON’s five or six years ago. I’ve met, camped with, and had the opportunity to ride with awesome people! If I wouldn’t have heard and later joined the HONS, I wouldn’t have met or got to know any of the people who I now call FRIENDS! I’ve been truly blessed!

Char O.

My horse “Love Affair” began when I was about 5. Thanks to my Aunt, I learned how to ride on her mare, mostly in the arena & fields. Although we did try to do a parade once, and only once. I was then lucky enough to have a Dad that got me my very own pony for Christmas a few years later. With her I learned more of the “not so fun” side of equines, splashed with good times. Then came high-school, boys, and jobs. I lost contact with horses for quite a few years. Never forgot them though.
After meeting my husband I was able to have horses back in my life & my backyard. I now own a Paint gelding named Splitt, as in split personality, and a Friesian/Paint cross named Floydd. My husband John & I live in Palmyra WI, only a stone’s throw from the trails and Horsemans Park. I enjoy trail riding all year long.

Cheri T

Hi! My name is Cheri, I live outside of Edgerton Wi on a farm with my husband Bill and youngest daughter Missy. I currently own 1 beautiful Peruvian Paso, Lucy, who is 9 years old. I joined H.O.N.s about 2 years ago, to “expand my horizons,” so to speak, as I was only riding around on the farm…kinda lonely. I have made some amazing friends and have a wonderful time in their company. I have ridden trails, camped, and just enjoyed being with women who love horses as much as I do. I found H.O.N.s by searching the net for local saddle clubs.  The absolute best $10 I have ever spent..ever!
I think I fell in love with horses when I opened the book, ” My Friend Flicka.”  I must have read that book 50 times, then the follow-up book, “Thunderhead.”  I tried to get my Dad to buy me a horse, in fact, I built a stall in our garage hoping the ” If you build it, it will come” theory worked. It didn’t. We lived in Chicago, and you can imagine the “stall” an 8 year might build. I did take lessons once I got into my 20’s. I spent every spare dollar I had on lessons, then cleaned stalls, tacked up lesson horses and graduated to leading was good.
I don’t think I have had my most memorable moment with horses yet; each experience is special and I can’t wait for the next!

Chris L.

Hi, My name is Chris.
My husband and I live In south central WI. We raise goats and milked them commercially for seven years. (Retired from that now tho.)
Besides the goats our farm is home to two dogs, barn cats, peacocks and 5 horses: a rescued (starving) qtr horse, a blind qtr horse, a
retired Standardbred race horse and 2 green broke paints. I worked on a Standardbred breeding farm as a teen and fell in love
with the bred. They are gentle patient horses. When I was in the 4H horse club as a kid…. I knew ALL the answers about horses. Now I’m approaching retirement and have horses again….and I have ALL the questions.

A friend at work is a member of HONs and invited me to join her on trail rides and camping. Due to an injury from a fall from a horse, it is taking me awhile to regain my confidence. I am doing well tho, and rode one of the green broke horses at the PINK RIBBON RIDE in Oct 2012 and had a great time and successful ride. Hope to try camping w/horse soon. I have been taking Parelli lessons which has been instrumental in regaining my confidence. I have completed the ‘online’ phase of Level 2 and hope to complete the riding phase when the weather warms.

Cindy A

Hi, my name is Cindy. I live near Milton, WI with my husband, Bob. We have 3 children, 2 grandsons and soon, a grand daughter! I work in an elementary school, mostly with special needs kids. Horses have been my passion ever since I can remember. Right from the time I learned how to talk, I started begging for a horse. I was twelve or thirteen when my dream finally came true, and I got a horse of my own. We currently have 7 horses in the family; mustangs, QH, Paint, Pinto, Haflinger and Arab/QH.

I am involved in lots of different horse related activities, including being a 4H leader and riding with Mustang Pride. I enjoy riding in the local parades, but mostly I enjoy trail riding and camping. I joined the Hags on Nags Saddle Club back in the early 2000s when the club was first getting started. I have met lots of new people, made many new friends, and have really had fun riding with this group. There always seems to be an adventure waiting to happen! See you on the trails!

Cindi N

I’ve always been the horse crazy girl, to the point where my mother threatened no more horse movies if I kept begging and crying for a horse. I still to this day look out the window in search of horses in fields.

I own 2 horses and hope to one day own a farm. The goal and dream is to have my horses at home with me.

I have owned my mare, China, for 10 years and my gelding, Tanner, for almost 2 years.

Both are paints and complete opposites of each other. China is my western pleasure/trail horse and Tanner is my English horse. Tanner is slowly becoming an excellent trail horse as well.

I love trail riding and camping and love going to new places/trails.

I dabble in showing and hope to continue to grow with Tanner in the show ring.

I have an 8 year old son who likes the horses and will ride sometimes. He does ask to go trail riding with me so hoping this coming year we can make that happen!

Cyndi M.

My husband says buying a Friesian just to trail ride is like getting a Ferrari just to go to WalMart. Despite this, he has a great relationship with Ziglar, taking time to graze him whenever he has the fancy. I fell in love with Ziglar 3 years ago at MWHF, and by fall he was home with me at a stable on the edge of Richard Bong Recreation Area. The trails there have declined from little care to overgrown and full of deadfall over the last couple years, so recently I moved him to Route 67 Ranch across from the Eagle trailhead. I’ve been in love with horses since learning to ride around age 3, earned enough to buy my own by the time I was 10, and found my parents a place to live we could have my first horse at, when they balked. I was horseless from the age of 15 til the point I met Ziglar; evidently I had to wait for the right one to be born to be my Boy. Zig and I love trails. He is the light of my life, and the center of each day, although it is now 35 min to drive to him. I have an Avalanche and a solid 3 horse slant WW (1994), but it is too heavy to travel much. Ziglar is around 17.2 hands, and still growing. We have trail access now so I’ve parked the trailer until an emergency requires it, but plan to acquire a newer model once he is done growing. We love LOVE LOVE winter trails, but Kettle Moraine seems to have year round goodness to offer, so I can see us spending far more time year round on the trail. Between Zig and I, we throw some pretty good shade on a hot day. While much of our time on the trail is alone together, Zig is known as “Prince Valium” for other horses who might be nervous. After he’s stood up tall and looked a thing over, there are few horses who can question it having been checked out properly. I am a retired entertainment professional. Band roadie, stage builder, rigger, convention operations, etc. I love folks who love their horses, and will always lend a hand if someone needs one. I grow the best catnip around, (ask any barn cat), and I share. I’d like to do more quilting projects with other folks, especially for a good cause. I’m interested in continuing to learn all there is to know about people and their horses, from those willing to share what they know with me. I look forward to being with other ladies who love their horses too, in ways I have not before, and ways that I have. It is a big step to go from rambling alone on the trails to learning how to be good companions to those with whom we ride. I do not expect to get anything out of HON that I’m not willing to bring to it, with the end happiness of horses and their humans in mind. And of course, I want to share my beloved Ziglar with the world, because watching him make new friends makes my heart sing.


Hi. My name is DeDe Nelson. I have had the horse bug my whole life. I used to ride every neighbor’s horse that I could find when I was younger. I also went to horse camps every summer in Belvidere. That’s where I discovered my passion for jumping. When I was 14, my Mom and Dad surprised me at Christmas with an 8 year old Appaloosa gelding. He was awesome! Of course he was more of a western horse, but that didn’t scare me! I still taught him how to jump. I stabled and showed him at Ledges in Rockton, IL. Unfortunately, we didn’t win much despite having perfect rounds because he wasn’t a thoroughbred!!! When I was 16, I was invited out to Troy, New York to ride for an Olympic judge. I was asked to study with him and possibly shoot for the ’92 Olympics, but I was young and naive then and didn’t have my priorities straight (along with being completely scared!!). I decided that it was more important for me to go to college here and become a mechanical engineer. When I went to college, I was forced to sell my beloved Appaloosa, Sonny. I ended up selling him to a horse camp in Mazomanie where he still lives today and has been one of their best horses ever. At that moment, I decided that as soon as I was able, I would buy another horse. In 1998, I bought an Appendix QH named Buddy. I bought him with the intention that I would jump him. He was an awesome jumper! Well, things happen in life and I decided to get married and start having kids. It’s strange how your risk factor goes straight out the window after you have kids, but I ended up never showing Buddy. Instead, I switched to western and did a lot of trail riding. Buddy didn’t like that much, though. He was much more in his element when he was in an arena. After 10 years, I finally figured this out and decided he needed better things to do. I am a huge advocate of the SMILES program, so I donated him. He has been doing absolutely wonderful over there and I couldn’t be more proud. So now I have bought an 8 year old QH mare that has been trained strictly for trail riding. But having one horse just isn’t enough for me, so I got a 13 year old QH mare that is trained in just about everything, but what most intrigued me was her reining training. We now own 15 acres outside of Afton and I absolutely love having the horses with me everyday. They give me a sense of peace every day in my crazy life.

Besides my beautiful mares, I have 2 beautiful children – Matthew who is 6 and Addison who is 2. I also work full time as an applications engineer for a company that makes food processing equipment. So as you can see, my life is completely hectic, and when I am able to get away to do the horsey stuff, it is truly a pleasure and I cherish every moment.

Diane F.

Joining the HONs in 2005 was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Having just retired from the medical field, I now had more time to enjoy my passion, horses, and especially trail riding.  The abundance of wonderful, smart, fun-loving ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting never ends.

Floyd, my husband of 29 years, has always been my mentor, teaching me everything there is to know about horses and riding.   But I’ve learned so very much more since I’ve been camping and riding with the HONs.

We live on a small place just west of Milton, where I feel lucky and blessed to have our 5 horses.  I can walk out the door any time, day or night, and just be with them.  Floyd and I have adopted 6 mustangs from the BLM program, and we still have 3 mustangs here at Take A Chance Ranch.  We have taken our mustangs to the Midwest Horse Fair for about 20 years now. We also have an appaloosa and a paint.  I love having a different horse to ride almost every day of the week. I always find myself smiling when I’m sitting on a horse.

My other passions are gardening and being a volunteer for Rock County Parks.  A few summers ago I attended a “Trails School”, offered by the Wisconsin Horse Council.  So Floyd and I cruise local trails, and if we see problems, we try to fix them.  We belong to a service club, Rock County

Multi Use Trails Group.  Our little club is responsible for obtaining and improving several horse trails in Rock County.

See you out on the trail, or maybe the 2nd best thing, sitting around the campfire at the end of a great day!

Diane F

I have owned horses for over 50 years and enjoyed riding my whole life.  Growing up on a farm, I had my first horse, Sugar, at age 7.  Over the last 50 + years I have owned numerous horses, including 5 Morgans, and now 2 beautiful Bay Tennessee Walkers, Sweetie and Summer.  My friends say that I love to ride horses more than anyone they know!  Owning my own business as a kitchen designer for the last 5 years keeps me very busy, but I do make time to ride whenever I can.  Being out in nature and the great outdoors is my relaxation away from it all!

After owning a 2 horse trailer for several years, I then moved up to a 3 horse slant for 10 years with a custom kitchen and finished interior done by my husband Rich and myself.

Last year I purchased a beautiful trailer with complete living quarters with a great shower and bathroom!  Now I am really in heaven and I can go anywhere and camp and ride in complete comfort!  The best part of riding and camping is the new friends I have made, the riding, and the great campfires! 

Donna M

 I’m Donna M., married to Ty for 30+ years.  We each have together, four children and 10 grandchildren, 1 great grand son, 1 horse, Cody, and 1 dog, Tabby.  We’ve both lived in the Beloit, WI area for most of our lives, both retired and enjoying life.I did most of the crafts, belonged to Red Hats and a couple craft groups before I bought Cody.  Now all my spare time and money is spent with Cody.  I have closets and draws full of carft projects just waiting for a rainy day.

I have always loved horses and rode “somebody else’s horse” ever opportunity I got.  Never figured I could afford a horse of my own.  I was right, but would give up many things before my horse.  Cody was a young five year old, trained as a reiner, I was not.  My son owned him as a stallion and was going to have to sell him. Couldn’t let that happen, so I bought him, and I owned a stallion for a short time before that was taken care of.  We then spent a couple years of Cody learning to slow down and me learning how to ride.  It’s been well worth the journey!

 We love camping.  After a couple years of tent camping, I got my GN trailer.  Last summer Ty was able to join me on many of the weekends.  He doesn’t ride but is a really good camp buddy.  You’ll find me most every weekend from May to October camping or just out for a day ride.  Through the winter we are lucky to have an inside arena where Cody is boarded so we can work on our communication skills.

I’ve been a member of the Hags on Nags for only five years, it seems longer.  What a great group of cowgirls to ride and camp with.  So looking forward to many more rides and camp outings.   See You On the Trails!

Edie B.

I own 4 and 1/4 equines (mini-mule rescue Alfie!).  My best friend and former police partner is HotShot, a 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Percheron bay gelding who was raised from a baby for police work – he was on a lead-line downtown at 4 months old. His half-sister Libby is the same breed-cross (black). Their sire, Baron Von Black, also lives at our farm now and is retired. He has his own Facebook page, as he was quite popular in our area in the 90’s. My fourth horse is a 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Paint reining-bred gelding named Arrow (black with major chrome!). I enjoy attending training and clinics with my own horses in a quest for continual self-improvement in my horsemanship, but am most happy as a trail-hound! I am a 45+ year horseman and current equine professional. I retired from the UW Police Dept. in 2006 after 26 years of policing, 18 of them mounted patrol. I led the Dane County-wide interdepartmental mounted patrol for 12 years (1994-2006). I’ve done numerous mounted police clinics and demonstrations police and worked with many WI depts., including over 10 years at Midwest Horse Fair. I am a First certified Mounted Police Instructor in Wisconsin (1996). Formally assessed Level 4 Parelli Natural Horsemanship student, although also a student of many other great horsemen (Buck Brannaman, Karen Rohlf, etc.). Currently I have my own LLC ( natural horsemanship  training and lessons business, specializing in sensory, obstacle, and baby-training. I also start horses under saddle and/or do remedial training for current horsemanship clients who are taking lessons. I am currently a trainer for Madison Mounted Police and member of Friends Of Madison Mounted Police Non-Profit Board of Directors. I am also trained in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER).  I have a number of friends who are already HON members and am long overdue to join this group – finally getting around to it!


Elaine T

I’m a life-long rider (emphasis on LONG–I’m “mature”!). I am thoroughly enjoying riding for pleasure at this point in my life.  As you can see in the photo, I come from the English disciplines and still haven’t found the perfect Western saddle, but I’m looking! I recently retired from teaching and hope spend more time with the terrific  ladies in HAGS. I’m a day trail rider with a two horse bumper pull trailer. In the past I’ve always been too busy teaching school in spring/ fall to do much trail riding. Now it’s time to make up for that! I own “Murphy the Morgan” and board him in the Fort Atkinson area, about 20 minutes from where I live in Lake Mills.


Holly J

Hi my name is Holly J. and I live in Cambridge Wi. I am married and have two boys that I stay home with. I enjoy wood working and sewing. I also enjoy being with my two horses. I have a Tennessee Walker gelding, Smokey, that I trail ride with. I also enjoy riding him around the farm or anywhere we can get to. I also enjoy camping with him.

I also have a pony gelding, Jake, who I have done parades with. He pulls me in an easy entry cart and I love seeing and hearing the crowd’s reaction to him. I have also done school functions, birthday parties, and family gatherings with him. I also have a saddle for Jake that I give rides to both my kids and other children.

I got involved with horses in 2006 when I moved from Milwaukee to the Cambridge area. I never grew up with them but did a lot of horse back riding when I was younger.

The most memorable moment of owning horses is learning so much from them about yourself and them. Since I have been around horses I have learned that it takes a special person to own them.

I was inspired to join HON in 2012 when I attended a ride that the club put on to raise money for women dealing with breast cancer. I had a great time and thought that everything was so organized and everyone that I came in contact with was very nice. I also wanted to meet new people and be around others that enjoy doing the same thing that I do, riding!

Jan M

Hello Everyone!!
I’m a middle-aged granny, kids have all grown up and moved out–yiiipppeeeeee! I now spend all extra money on horses. I have a small stable on Kidder Rd. just outside Ewville,WI. close to Milton also. I board, sell, ease, and do trail rides also weather ermitting. I also take in rescue race horses. I’ve adopted 3 of them. and occasionally foster some until a permanent home can be found.
I like almost anything to do with horses of which I have 9 regular sized (varying between 14-17h).
I Also have 3 minis and a rescue Shetland/welsh cross older mare. She was going to be destroyed because she had lost an eye (FOR PETE’S SAKES).
So now she resides with me. If anyone needs a lift with their horse, I have a 4 horse slant. If someone wants to go with the group on a ride, I also have extra horses that they could use.
Thanks, Jan

Jean S

Greetings to all,

Like a lot of you, I have loved horses my whole life. My earliest memory  is of my mother reading to me from El Blanco the White Stallion. I was probably 3 years old. Mom bought me my first horse when I was 13, after we lost dad to heart attack. I boarded at a lot local stables around the Madison area.

I had my son when I was 25 and it just got to hard to take a baby out to a boarding stable. I sold my horse Chinook whom I had  for 15 years to a friend. She kept him for the rest of his life.

I married a wonderful guy in 2007 and we bought a little farmette in the Marshall /Sun Prairie area. I bought my first driving horse and lost him a two years later to colic. I started to search for a new horse right away and found Tanner. He is a wonderful driving horse. He rides too. He was an Amish horse. Nothing bothers him.

I have a disease that affects my joints and some of my internal organs. So it is easier for me to drive. I am pretty confident when it comes to horse. I even canter.

I had Tanner up a Donald Park one day and we ran over a big rock and bent the rim of the wheel on my horse cart. I bought some used motorcycle wheels and we are good  to go. And we do.

I am looking forward to meeting some more horse friends.

Kate S

I’m Kate S and I live in Spring Green, WI. I live on a small farm with husband and 6 year old daughter. We have two paints, a mini, two cats and a dog. My husband and I own a trucking business, we load and haul milk in WI and IL. I am originally from New Zealand and have lived in the US for almost 10 years. I grew up on a farm and have been around horses my whole life. Growing up I attended Pony Club, and then went onto eventing (dressage, show jumping and cross country). I prefer a western saddle these days and enjoy a nice trail ride. I hadn’t owned a horse in the US until last May, I got my two paints Jesse and Ice from a friend who moved out of State. They still need a lot more experience trial riding, so my goal this year is to get out and go exploring with them. I look forward to joining the group for a trail ride one day soon!

Kyna M

Rest in Peace, dear friend. You will never be forgotten.    December 6, 1955- February 4, 2015

Karen T

I’m Karen and live in the Harvard IL area. I have a Spotted Saddle Mare “Story” who takes care of me very well on the trails. I started riding later in life and have enjoyed every moment of it. I also have a German Shepherd named Sofie, married with two grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Kathy S

My name is Kathy, and I am a horse addict!  I live in Monroe Wi.  I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful, supportive horse husband for 36 years and have two grown children, three grandsons and a granddaughter.  I have worked with the handicapped class at school for  28 years and also do respite care.

 I have three horses.  Cody (7) my main trail horse, he’s a bay Paint, Tucker (11) is a piebald pinto who has such heart and the Queen herself, Jetty, (appendix, black bay) is 25 years old and is as regal as the day is long! 

My main interest is trail riding.  I try to ride every day during “horse season”.  My favorite horse motto is “life is short, ride while you can”.   I have two memorable horse moments.  The first one is where I finally learned how to canter!  The second was successfully completing my goal of riding a horse for 100+ days in a row, not missing a day for any reason!

I often offer up teaching the Fundamental exercises by Clinton Anderson.  For those of you who are interested just give me a call.

I am ALWAYS looking for fellow trail riders so feel free to contact me to arrange some riding dates.

Kay F

I am a married woman with 3 grown children and, so far, 7 awesome grandchildren.  We live on my husband’s family farm near Dodgeville and I work as a paralegal for a law firm in Madison.

I had ponies when I was younger, and a horse or two as a young married woman.  Since I did not have enough time between kids’ school stuff, etc., I sold those horses.  Then after my children left home I started feeling the pull of horses again.  In the meantime my oldest son brings home to Wisconsin a brand new wife who was very horse curious.  That was all the prompting I needed.  Found two nice geldings from a riding stable downsizing.

That was nice, but both of us felt the pull of the show ring.  So, of course, I go out and buy a western pleasure show horse.  I liked showing, but found that I wanted to stretch my wings so to speak.  I also believe you should do many different things with your horse, giving them a variety of experiences.

Several horse trades later we have the following equine family:  Moose (1999) Black and White Paint Gelding, (the show horse);  Bindi (2001) Smutty Buckskin QH mare; Sharlie (2011) Dunskin filly (my dream horse and the one in the picture with me); and Cinnamon (2012) Bay Percheron/QH filly (my daughter-in-law’s baby).

I am looking to connect with other women who share my interest/love of horses.  I have decided I am not getting any younger and I want to do more with my horses. I love going to clinics and learning new things.   I look forward to getting to know other HON members while having fun and learning.

Kenda S.

Hi, my name is Kenda, and I Iive in Evansville.  I have been a member of Hags on Nags for almost nine years and I have seen the club grow from a handful to hundreds of women. I have been a member of the Kettle Moraine Rough Riders Equestrian Drill Team for eight years, and have recently started showing in Reining.  Both are a lot of work, but so much fun!  I still enjoy camping and trail riding, but unfortunately my busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for it.

Kim J

And here is a little bio on our family… Once there was this little 6 year old that said, “Daddy, I would like a horse.” Well, being the great father he was, he did his best to fulfill his daughter’s dream. I received a beautiful chestnut gelding with black legs and a fantastic flowing mane and tail. Muscles like the best athletic horse out there… This wonderful gift still sits on my dresser today!!
At the wonderful age of 46 I was sitting with my husband saying I would really love to get a horse some day.. or a dog. (He is now is thinking the dog might have been a little easier on the check book!) Being the great husband he is !! I now have a wonderful golden brown (in the summer) palomino, with a long blond flowing tail and mane (when he hasn’t rolled in the mud ) That seems to only happen when I get done brushing him. His name is Chance… He is my first,,, He was green and I was green… With the wonderful help and guidance of my fellow horse trainers and riders.. we have come a long way.. He is now my soul mate and we ride the trails and horse camp. He is boarded with a friend’s horses just off the Southern Kettle Trails near Piper road.
We belong to several clubs, Midwest trailgaiters, upper Midwest Missouri fox trotters, Southern Kettle Moraine horse trail, now the Hags on Nags. I found joining groups is a great way to meet other horse riders. Our favorite thing to do as a family is camp… Daddy doesn’t ride but is a great help when I and mom decided it is time to ride. So if you ever see us out there riding be sure to say Hi…. Looking forward to sunshine on my face, wind in my hair, Chance and me cruising down the trails. Yeeee Haaaa……

Kim B

Hi, I am Kim, and as my husband likes to tell everyone, I have lived on the same dead end road in Cottage Grove, WI for all of my 50+ years. For most of those years I have had horses here, although I did take a few years off when the kids were small, and I didn’t really start fulfilling my dream of trail riding until they were almost grown. I have a pretty good network of friends to ride and camp with, and I am fortunate that my husband likes to go sometimes too. Even our three grown sons will ride once in awhile. We have three horses. My main ride, shown in my profile picture, is a Kiger Mustang / MFT cross gelding that I adopted a year and a half ago (yes he gaits). Husband, kids and horseless friends ride our goofy quarter horse gelding. We also have a Paso Fino pony cross (also gaited) that I am always looking for small riders for. I love offering kids the chance to discover a passion for horses. We frequent most of the trails and campgrounds within an hour or two of home and are hoping to expand our horizons to Northern Wisconsin trails next.


I have heard great things about HON and am looking forward to meeting you all!

Linda P

Hi, I’m Linda P.  I’ve been a Rock County resident all my life, the last 32 years living 8 miles west of Janesville.  Dan, my husband, and I have three daughters; the oldest are twins, Mandy & Cindy (age 30), and the youngest, Megan, is 24 (at the time of this writing in 2013).  Megan recently moved to Seattle for a job, Mandy lives in San Francisco, and Cindy (husband Cory) and their family, including our grandson and two granddaughters, live 25 minutes away.

I grew up on a farm and had ponies throughout my childhood.  In my later teens I purchased an Appaloosa horse which I kept until we got married and sadly sold as we needed money for other things.  Twenty years passed when I had neither the time nor money for my horse hobby, busy working and raising three kids.  When our older two girls left for college and maybe I was going through the empty nest syndrome, I decided it was time to pursue some hobbies I had enjoyed in the past so purchased my mid-life crisis horse.

I currently ride a Tennessee Walking Horse, “Sammy,” that I purchased in 2008.  My main horse activity is trail riding and have also done a couple novice and “taste of endurance” rides.  During the riding season in the Midwest, I mainly ride Wisconsin and Illinois trails.  During the winter months of January and February I have spent about 3 weeks of vacation time the last 4 years riding in the Apache Junction, AZ area.  Because my husband is retired, he stays in Arizona longer and when I’m back to work he rotates between my horse, Sammy, and his Quarter Horse, Rooster.  So our horses are usually in their best physical shape the end of February.

About ten years ago, a Janesville Gazette article about the Hags on Nags “Hagmania” event caught my attention and I became a member of the HONs. It has been a pleasure to meet so many wonderful people with the common interest of horses.  I especially enjoy the weekend camping/trail riding trips throughout the riding season.  My other interests include gardening and spending time with my family, especially the three grandkids.

Louise Hepp‏

Louise H.

Hello! My name is Louise and I live in the country just north of Watertown near Richwood, Wisconsin. I live here with my “Honey” Roy. We try to stay in charge of the household which consists of 4 cats (all except one are recues), 2 dogs (one older lab/golden mix, and one black and white jack russell terrorist–I mean terrier!) and my good friend Lynn along with her brother and his son who live in the ower half of the house. To top the household off, we have 4 horses, 3 1-2 year old babies, and 1 shetland pony. I love it!

I have a daughter, Shae and a lovely granddaughter, Jocelyn. They also live in Watertown, but have their house in town. I am hoping my granddaughter will find her way to being a horse person. Not so easy–her mom does not care much for horses.

I work in town at Eaton Corporation. I run equipment that builds circuit boards. I have worked there since 1976 when I first moved to Wisconsin. I am looking forward to retirement in the next 3 years. Fingers crossed!!

My interests are varied. I love animals, reading, gardening, music,riding and camping and spending time with my family. Would like to get into scrapbooking and do something with all of the great pics from over the years. Love movies and such in the winter, but would rather be outside if the weather is good. Really like to go for walks.

The horses that I own are a quarterhorse gelding, a blue roan paint mare, and my youngster is an appaloosa or possibly a POA. Will be working heavily with my mare River this spring and hope to be calm and collected on the trails this summer. Trail riding and camping is my main pleasure, but am interested a bit in western dressage and obstacle trial work.

The person that I thank for my opportunity to love horses was my dad. He had a nice palomino gelding that he boarded at a friend’s place near Oelwein, Iowa where we lived. He would ride him into town to the house when I was little and I would ride up in the saddle with him around and around the block. Loved it! Then he bought me a pony for my 5th birthday and I was hooked. My dad was a good father and I hope he knew how grateful I was for him.

I joined Hags on Nags several years ago and am proud and happy to be a member. I liked the people I met and the idea of why the group was created. I am very happy with the things the group has accomplished and hope to stay connected and able to keep riding these great people for many years to come.

Lynn T.

Lynn T is from Grafton, WI. She has had horses for 35 years. She is an artist, is widowed, retired from the university and enjoys camping and making herself useful. She is looking forward to fun times with “horsey” friends!

Lou W

I ride western and drive. Have two Standardbred retired race horses, one trotter and pacer and a paint. Love my Standardbreds. Have a converted stock trailer to a 3 horse slant with a nice size tack area. I don’t have a place to host a horse activity/ride at this time, but hope to be moving sometime in the next year and maybe will have a bigger place. Had my first horse for my 4th birthday, a Shetland pony named Dusty. Took English riding lessons at the UW – La Crosse and also started jumping. Life took many twists and turns and in I didn’t have horses again until 1996 when my brother was moving and gave me his two horses. In 2005 I adopted Sandy, a Standardbred trotter from the American Adoption Program starting our love with the Standardbred breed. Joey followed the following fall and another one Shiloh in 2008. We lost Shiloh in 2012 and bought a paint for my 10yr old grandson to show in 4-H and me to ride and trail ride with my friend, Diane. In 2006 with help from a family friend who drove draft horses I starting driving and am hooked mostly doing parades, small shows, and driving the back roads around our farm.

LuAnn B

Hi, my name is LuAnn and I am 56 years old and married to a wonderful man. He does not ride any more but supports me in all my horse activities and loves to go horse camping. I ride Western and have a spotted Tennessee Walker mare that has been everywhere and done everything. Last fall I bought a crazy little Paso Fino gelding that is a work in progress. He has been a lot of fun for me. I grew up having ponies and horses. I do a lot of trail riding at Wildcat, the

Reserve, Governor Dodge State Park etc. I live in Reedsburg, WI and am lucky to have many great places to ride within 50 miles of our house. We have a two horse trailer we use for day rides and a goose neck trailer with living quarters for camping trips. I can go trail riding during the week or on weekends. I am ALWAYS looking for people to go riding with!! I hope to meet other people who love to trail ride as much as I do.


Maria H.

Hello, my name is Maria. My husband Patrick and I have a small farm in Delafield, Wisconsin where we live with our three horses and three Golden Retrievers. As many of you I have always had a passion for horses. When I was a child my Dad took me to a wonderful “Rodeo” in Chicago every year. I remember seeing Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autrey, Annie Oakley etc.. Like many of you I also begged for a horse and riding lessons. Another passion took over and I became a serious singer. This career took me to Europe where I lived for quite awhile. When I “retired” from singing (I now teach over 30 students a week) my husband and I started acquiring horses. One we purchased, our 26 year old paint, and another three were rescues. My main guy, Sunny, who has recovered from a pretty severe leg injury and I are now getting ready to hit the trails. We are looking forward to learning all we can from this wonderful group of ladies as well as having some fun!

Marcia P

Hello! I’m so happy to be able to be involved with horses! It is a dream come true for me. I have only been officially riding for 2 years now, so am still learning. I love to trail ride and wish I could ride a trail every day! I’m looking forward to meeting others who love horses.

I live near Ripon on a 120 acre farm. I’m retired from my commercial dairy goat and produce operation so have a bit more time on my hands for living my dream of learning to ride. I have 2 horses that are boarded at a local facility. I feel more comfortable having Prince and Otis at Sue Kennedy’s facility rather than at my farm while I am learning the ropes about riding. Sue’s horsewomanship skills and indoor riding arena really sweeten the deal; making it an easy choice to keep my horse friends there.

In October 2013 my husband will be moving to China for 3-5 years. I will winter in China and spend my summers in Wisconsin. Chinese snowbird I guess. So during the summer months I am free to ride and ride and ride! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to join a HON excursion!

Take care and hope to meet you soon!


Maria M

My name is Maria M. I live on a small farmette just outside of Milton, WI. I have 3 daughters and a son, all whom are grown, my youngest being 23 yrs old. All of my children were in 4-H and rode when they were younger. I spent several years as a 4-H horse & pony project leader for our club. On my farmette I have 2 paint horses, a quarter horse, a quarter pony and a miniature horse. I used to ride all-the-time. My favorite event was “team penning” and I actually got pretty good at it. I also did open shows when I was younger. I love trail riding, doing parades, camping with horses & friends, wagon trains, cattle drives, fun shows, etc. I ride my paint gelding, Wyatt, or my quarter horse mare, Katy. My youngest daughter and my granddaughter still show paint horses so I love to spend time watching them show and camping at the shows with them.
I belonged to HONS for many years back when the HONS group first started. In the past 8 years I have had four back surgeries, along with several other surgeries, which slowed down my riding time a lot. I now would like to get back to riding a bit more again. I can’t ride for as many hours as I used to, but I definitely am hoping to build up my stamina again. I miss being on my horse(s) and I miss my horse friends. I am currently working on getting my mini, Peanut, trained to drive a cart so that I have another option other than just riding. I have my own trailer and I do have a truck (although my truck needs work before I can pull horses with it again). I am looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new friends in the HONS group!

Margaret T

Hello HONs!  I was so happy to find this group!  I’m new-ish to the horse world and would love any and all mentors who are interested in helping a rookie.  My horse time has been predominantly at horse rescues.   Needless to say, I wish I would’ve discovered the incredible world of the horse years ago.   I’m planning on adopting this spring!   I’ve got my eye (and heart) on a big, stoic gelding.   I hope to tail ride and become the best groomer ever…in the eyes of my horse anyway.   I’ve learned so much in the past year and a half and continue to be overwhelmed with how much more there is to learn (could horse body part names be any more random?  Pastern?  Fetlock?  Frog?) but I am hooked and love every minute of horse/therapy time.  I’m still volunteering and reading like crazy but I’d love to meet you all and help with any and all horse stuff that I can; I’ll do just about anything for the sake of learning so don’t be shy in reaching out if you need a hand, riding buddy, horse walker, 2×4 holder, whatever! The pic is of a good friend at a rescue who was adopted and his buddy who is still waiting.  We were saying our goodbyes. Hope to see you soon!


Nina C

I have four horses, only two of which are considered rideable. The one that’s ‘sane’ is the only one I’ve ridden in recent years, and only on my land because she was an adoption of a chronic lameness case. The other one that’s ‘sound’ is not sane to take from the herd alone. However, I think she has good potential if I could trailer her away. She had been trail ridden by her previous owner, but she could only get her out with other horses.

I lost my only two reliable trail horses a few years ago and only a year apart. One from EPM and the other from uterine cancer.


Nora C

Hello! I am so excited to get to know you all and spend time with like minds! I have had a passion for horses since, well…birth. My mom went riding when she was pregnant with me and states that is why I have been so infatuated with them for as long as I can remember. Growing up I never got to have my own horse, but I knew every horse within a 5 mile radius of our home and spent countless hours riding my imaginary steed up and down our gravel driveway, around our yard, up and down the perimeter of the corn field behind our house and even in the living room (indoor arena) in really bad weather. I used to play in a cemetery near our home, pretending the headstones were jumps!
After my kids were grown and gone, I was finally able to realize the dream of horse ownership. It has been a bumpy road, with my purchase of more than one horse because of their personal “sad story” and not because the horse and I were a good fit. Alas, a learning curve. Now we do have our “forever” horses – Porter (pictured) is my Standardbred Paint cross. He is excellent in an arena, but the 2 times we have been on trails have been less than relaxing. A work in progress. I purchased myself a Western saddle for Christmas and can’t wait to use it! Our other horse is Cody – he is an Arabian/Quarter cross. We have only had him since November, but am also anxious to get him out and about!

Pat N And Mags

My name is Pat.
Along with her horse Mag, live on a small horse farm with my husband, Dave. He doesn’t ride but encourages my passion for horses. I have 4 quarter horses and I keep my daughter-in-law’s (who is also my farrier) horse and my best friend’s horse. We live just below the Wisconsin state line in Harvard, IL. I took an early retirement so most of my time now is spent in the barn or on horseback.

Rhonda C.

Hi everyone!  I had horses growing up and then 19 years ago my husband bought me a wonderful Mother’s Day present.  Our herd has come and gone, grown and down sized.  We now have 1 Quarter Horse, 1 American Mustang and 2 Pinto Drafts. I belong to the Whitewater Mounted Search and Rescue and I am certified in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue.  I love to trail ride but don’t get to go as much as I would like.  This fall I am moving to Georgia and will become a true snowbird coming back here to Brooklyn May thru September.  My bucket list includes riding all of the trails in the Wisconsin Trail guide book.

Rosemarie F

I have loved horses my entire life! My Dad got me my first horse when I was about 14. After getting married my then husband and I ended up living in St. Charles, Illinois where we had horses. I was involved in the Kane Co. 4-H program with my two daughters for several years. After the divorce I had to give up the horses and move into town with my girls. After the girls got married I was determined to get back to the country. Well, almost 30 years later I never outgrew my passion for horses, so last August I bought a little Missouri Fox Trotter (8 yr. old Palomino Mare named Prada). I just love her we have been on a couple of trail rides and so far she is okay (still working on getting her to stand still for the mounting but we are getting there) I am enjoying every minute with her, I love the way my boots and clothes smell and I am having fun.

Robin W

City girl turned wanna be Cowgirl pretty much sums it up. That, or the movie City Slickers. My boys: Walker, Herro and Riley are Western pleasure horses and one is a cow horse. I do none of that, I am a trail rider. I owned a horse as a child and horses came back into my life when our daughter moved back home after returning from college. Correlation?  I’m constantly aiming to become a better rider. However, if trail out with a horse, I’m coming back with a horse, preferably on it.

I‘m a wife, a mother, and work from home. During the Summer months I spend as much time as possible at Van Patten Woods. Trailing out during the week is my fave and having a riding buddy would be great. Otherwise, I’m stuck riding with my husband who rides 15 minutes at a time.

Meeting other women who ride appeals to me and I’m looking forward to new and shared experiences.


Rosemary T

Hi, I’m Rosemary T, born and raised in South Central WI. And I am still here. Always loved horses but didn’t get my quarter/red dun, Sara, until I was 40. I am now in my late 60’s and I’ve had some experience with different types of horses; quarter, mini, Mustangs, cutting, Fjord, and now Misty, a mix of quarter and Arabian. Sara is still with me, my senior companion.

I am a widow, have two grown sons, and six grandchildren. I garden, paint with pastels and acrylics, teach painting, research family genealogy, love to read books, watch movies, and pet my barn and house cats.

I have my own little farm, and do most all the work myself. It was difficult at first, doing it all alone, but I’ve surprised myself and have become pretty handy and capable.

I love trail riding and am so grateful for the HONS. You keep me on the trails.

Rose R

Hi!  My name is Rose and I live near Spring Green, WI.  I am lucky to live in the country with pasture for my horse and trails to ride.   I grew up on a farm in South Dakota, moved here after college, met and married the man of my dreams, have a family and am living happily ever after.  (Most of the time!)  I do most of my riding on the trails around home, but bought my first trailer a few years ago so I can explore more local trails.  I’m looking forward to meeting more ladies that share my love of horses and riding.


Roxanne S

My name is Roxanne S. and this is my 23 year old Quarter Horse, Fat Boy. I have had him for 16 years and used him for Drill Team, trail riding, lessons and fun shows.
I live between Fort Atkinson and Milton, WI. My husband and I own our 48 acre Hobby Farm in which we have a total of 5 horses and 1 miniature donkey. Horses have been a love of mine since I was 4 years old. I enjoy working with my own horses and helping others if I can.
I am excited about being a member of HON and meeting and making new friends.

Rebecca M

I currently live in Mukwonago (East Troy actually, with a Mukwonago address). Kind of on the border. We’ve lived here over 20 years. I have a daughter that has been barrel racing with NBHA. She made it to NBHA World last year in GA. Was a fun trip for us. She’s off to college in River Falls again, sophomore year. The time sure does fly.

I have 2 youngster QH’s currently. One is a 3yo that I bought as a 2yo at the River falls colt sale. Love her. She’s a cute little Bay.

My other youngster is a 2yo. She’s quite the girl. Smart as ever. I’ve had her on the trails twice this year. Once on the obstacle course. It’s a nice desensitizing area.  She’s a little black filly. Love my girls.


I sure am looking forward to spring/summer and more trail time. Have to watch for some clinics this winter. It’s fun to keep busy.

Sandy R.

I am one of the many “Sandys” in this club. I grew in Green Bay, not far from Lambeau Field, the second oldest of 7 kids. Where I got the “horse gene” has always been a mystery. There were definitely no horse owners anywhere in MY family tree! For as long as I can remember, though, there was nothing I wanted more than a horse. I constantly dreamed about horses, making scrapbooks and reading books and trying everything I could think of to be near them.

So I grew up horse-less, went to college, became a teacher, got married, but never lost that passion for horses. In 1975, after buying the small farmette where we still live, my dream finally came true and I got my first horse. I generally rode by myself in the fields around our farm. My husband was supportive but had his own passion for motorcycles. We had two sons and stayed busy with full time jobs and school sporting events, leaving little time for horses or Harleys.

My story made a drastic change after a motor cycle accident in 2000. When the rear tire on the motor cycle we were riding blew out, my husband and I were both thrown from the bike. I remember lying on the side of the road, not being able to move, and thinking that my life was over. As it turned out, we both recovered from the accident but were forever changed. I vowed to stop putting off things that were important to me…including horses! With a couple of neighbor ladies, we established the Hags on Nags Saddle Club. I served as “Herdmare” of the club for the last 10 years, recently retiring from that job, as well as from teaching at the end of this school year. I have 3 appaloosas and a quarter horse, a truck and a small gooseneck trailer with just enough amenities for comfortable weekend camping trips, and I am living the life I dreamed of. Besides the wonderful horse adventures I have enjoyed (and there have been plenty!)  the ladies I have met through Hags on Nags have enriched my life more than I ever could have imagined.


Sheri R.

I’m from Twin Lakes WI. I’ve been with horses since a very young age. Natural Horsemanship is my passion. In my photo is my newest partner Larks Favorite Scotch “Cutty”. I like to trail ride, love to play with cows and interested in all events especially Reining and Classical Dressage. I try to challenge myself each day to be a better partner for my horse. I’m also excited to be a part of the Parelli mission to helping the world become a better place for horses and humans.


Hi, my name is Shellie. I took up horseback riding late in life as a challenge to myself to overcome the fear of such a big animal. I remember as a little girl, my grandmother’s church was holding a church picnic. They were offering a pony as a raffle prize. I had my parents put my name in, almost sure I was going to win that pony! Well, I didn’t………..and I remembering crying for almost 2 weeks afterwards. I was only 6 at the time and was so greatly disappointed. Besides, we were “city slickers” and the only place we could have had it was at my grandmother’s farm, which was across the state from where we lived at the time.

My next “horse experience” was at age 12. A school friend had owned a horse. She invited me over to her grandparents (which is where they kept the horse) to ride one day. I had NEVER been on a horse at all prior to this. I was so excited. We both hopped on this horse, me in front and her sitting behind the saddle on the back. Don’t quite remember what happened next, but I do remember the horse taking off at a full gallop!!! He ran straight for her grandfather’s newly planted cornfield. The friend kept yelling at me to pull the reins back, which I was trying to do, but scared beyond belief was an understatement. We finally got the horse to stop just short of entering that newly planted field. She jumped off and left me on this horse, who at that point reared up!!! I don’t know what kept me on, but when that horse’s feet hit the ground, so did I !! I had jumped off so quickly ! Needless to say, many years had passed before I tried my hand at horseback riding again. I was in my 30’s with two young daughters. I had talked my husband into doing a Wisconsin Dells trip for the girls and included a horseback riding adventure….one of those “nose to tail” trail riding trips. Well, it was the “ride from hell!!” It was hot that day. We were the last trail ride of the day for those poor horses. Making a long story short, a storm front was moving in, horseflies were biting and horses were getting restless. A few of the horses were acting up so badly and just taking off on their own that I decided to get off mine. When I did, he got his leg caught in the reins and almost backed over me with the “hissy fit” that he had. I decided, for safety, to take my daughters off their horses, and we walked the rest of the way back to the ranch, along with a few other riders…leaving 5 horses tied up in the woods. The horses were just too hard to handle for a VERY GREEN and inexperience person to walk them back. It was a nightmare!

That was the last time I ever thought about horses, until the almost age of 50.

It was about 4 months before my 50th birthday. I was feeling a little “blue” about turning that age and wanted to do something “monumental” to celebrate. Horses kept creeping back into my thoughts. At that point, I just decided to give the lifelong dream of learning to ride a horse another try. I found a place in Eagle that offered lessons. I took lessons for a year without telling anyone what I was doing. I wanted to prove to myself first that I could do this. After a few months of trying the lessons, I was hooked. I was gaining a small amount of confidence, but most important I WAS LOVING IT !

For the most part, my dream has been fulfilled. I now own and love a beautiful little AQHA quarter horse gelding named Danny. When I bought him, I was told he was arthritic. He has had a lot of medical issues dealing with that problem…. along with other medical issues that have come up along the way. I deal with each new problem as they come, knowing I will take care of him to the best of my ability. He has been my “equine soulmate” and I love him with all my heart. They say you never forget your first horse……well, he will probably be my ONLY horse. At my age, I don’t know what the future holds for me and more horses, but I know Dan will always have a “forever home” with me.

I love riding and love learning to perfect my riding. I have had some very good experiences along this “horse road” and some very bad experiences, including some major accidents with broken bones and injuries. It has been a passion that I will never lose, and I look forward to more fun adventures in the future!

I never in a million years thought I could accomplish this wonderful feat and overcome the absolute fear I had of horses from all the bad experiences early on in my life. I’m proud to say that I did it and continue to LOVE HORSES !

Sherri T

I have 3 paints: Blaze, Dakota (pictured), and Paisley. I had my first spotted pony when I was in grade school and then had my favorite Paint horse of all named Apache. My dad and I trained him from when he was a yearling. I was fortunate when I was growing up to be involved in 4-H and saddle club. These were such good times for me and my family, but mostly for me and my dad. We were lucky enough to have a dad who loves the country and horses. Somewhere in high school I lost touch with horses and during those years of raising a family. But now that my children are off to college and independent I came back to my love of horses. Six years ago we found a place in the country and I was able to start again with horses. And as luck would have it we moved into an area that was surrounded by horse lovers. I feel like I’m right in the middle of Hag Country. Dakota is my riding horse and we are always trying to learn new things thanks to my best friend, Clinton Anderson. I wish! We’re looking forward to doing lots of riding and camping this summer with the Hags.

Stephanie E

Hi, my name is Stephanie E. I’m new to the group. I have gaited horses  and I run a boarding facility in Harvard Illinois. I have  3 Rocky Mountain Horses,  1 Tennessee Walker  and a Kentucky mountain horse . I’m so close to Rush Creek that I try to ride there a couple times a week. I joined the club because I had a wonderful time at the pink ribbon ride and there was a bunch of great ladies there. I was a guest of another member. Lisa P. My picture is with Cruiser at a bomb proofing Clinic that I recently went to with smoke and fire and sirens.

Suzanne And Blackjack

In Loving Memory
Of Suzanne Daniels Shadel
February 8, 1958 To May 15th, 2004

I adopted Blackjack 4 years ago from a BLM adoption in Jefferson, WI. He came home with a halter and lead rope, not understanding why he was wearing them. It took awhile to gentle him. I would sit just outside his fenced area and read or just talk softly to him. He eventually came over to see what I was doing. He has a really nice disposition, he is timid but getting over it somewhat. If you meet him and let him get used to you a few minutes, he will warm right up to you.

He was a stallion when I got him, felt bad he had to be gelded but that’s the way it needed to be. Note: mustangs that haven’t totally adjusted to people should be given extra tranquilizers! Blackjack wasn’t sedated enough and woke up at the end of the procedure, luckily the vet finished in time. Also- don’t have 5 or 6 people around yakking (Since I had not had this experience before I didn’t realize that the horses could hear you-Not good for a mustang that wasn’t used to things yet!)

For the last six weeks he has been at Gibson Training in Albany. Gary Gibson is a guy I worked for last year and I have seen how he handles horses and how the horses show great respect to him.

Blackjack had a rider Saturday (January 24) for the first time! He was a little worried but didn’t freak out or anything! He had had a couple of bad experiences with saddles (my fault, wish I could go back and change that!) So Gary had his work cut out for him. I got a call from Gary a few days after the first ride and Blackjack had had another ride and he did better than the first time so progress! I look forward to long rides and camping with Blackjack. He seems pretty surefooted…I guess he would have to be to make it 3 years in the wild.

He is about 14.2 maybe. Not too tall, very cute J , black with a white blaze and front left sock.

He has very good ground manners. He ties well (working on my quarter horse Shadow on that one!) He leads well, when I walk, he walks, I run, he runs, I stop, so does he. Yes, I am gushing. He is really a nice boy. My mare is not as tolerant of me hugging on her!

I hope to try endurance riding with Blackjack in the future. And lots of riding and camping!

So there it is, a little story of my little mustang!

You will get to meet him soon on one of our rides I am sure!

Terry K

My name is Terry K. A childhood dream to own a horse came true when I was in my 40’s. Horse ownership has become quite a learning experience. I have to admit at times my horse, Harry, is a challenge, however we have grown, learned, and come down a long. hard road together. He is almost the best horse anyone could ever want!

Raymond Harris (Harry) is an 18 year old stocky Appaloosa with a sassy attitude; however he has a very sweet personality once you get to know him, that you can’t help but love. I still consider myself a beginner rider, even though I’ve owned Harry and worked with him since he was 5. Each day is a learning experience with him.
Since my divorce I’ve been boarding Harry and miss being able to watch him out in the back yard. I enjoy the fellowship with all of my HONS friends. Maybe someday we will have a truck and trailer to be able to ride with the group. Happy Trails!

Tammy V

I have been a member of HON for about a year now.  I am a bit slow on getting my bio in, sorry ladies.

I have lived in WI near the state line (Clinton area) all of my life. I have 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 4 chickens.  We are fortunate enough to have a few acres to keep my horses at home.   My husband does not ride. I have one son whom is 27 years old. I am now closer to 50 than I am to 40, however these past few years I have been enjoying more time with my horses.  I have been trail riding most of my life with little formal training.  I have recently started taking lessons at a reining barn near Ft Atkinson.  I have a flexible work schedule so I am able to ride often.  The horse that I ride, Cheyenne is a  14 year old paint, I also have a 16 year old QH, that is her pasture pal.

I am excited to say that I am moving up from an older 2 horse bumper pull to a goose neck with a cute little weekend package.  It will be delivered tomorrow, so ladies, I am ready to camp!  I have decided to call it my hamper!  Horse/camper

I like to enjoy the trails in slow motion.  Not a lot of cantering, not a lot of alcohol, and not a lot of drama.  Trail riding should always be safe and fun, for all of you that are like minded, I would love to tag along.

Vicki F

I have been married for 7 years now and have 3 children (soon to be 6, 3, and 21 months) plus an 11-year old stepson.  I live in Montfort WI with my family, 2 dogs and 2 cats.  I have been working at Lands End for the best 5 years.  Customer service always seems to be my specialty.  In my free time (whatever that is) I enjoy scrapbooking and quilting.  I have also started doing cake decorating and long to turn that into a small business some day.   I have had a love of horses for as long as I can remember.  Only after it was too late, did I learn that my mom’s cousin and her husband trained horses (I was moving to grad school a few weeks after I learned this).  I did ride occasionally when I was home from school but nothing of consequence.  Shortly after moving here, my mother in law and I got onto the topic of horses.  Before long, she picked up 2 from a riding stable and the rest is history.  My current horse is a yearling Percheron/Quarter Horse cross named Cinnamon.  She lives at my in-law’s place just up the road.  I am looking forward to learning more about horses as well as a great new group of friends.