Hags on Nags November 2013 Newsletter

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Noteworthy news:

Invitation to our Christmas party for
The Hags on Nags
at Duck Inn
The Duck Inn is on the corner County A and Hwy 89 in Richmond

We will be serving an appetizer with cocktails come early.

Family Style Dinner will be served with a tossed salad, cheese, crackers, mashed potatoes, vegetables, chicken, and or/ roast beef, and/ or ham. Dessert: Homemade Apple Crisp topped with vanilla ice cream.
December 14 ~ Cocktails 5:30- 6:30
****Pre-Registration is required****
Deadline is: December 7th
Dinner starts shortly thereafter / Cost $21 per person
Bring your significant other
Bring a gift for gift exchange

Prayer before dinner
Icebreaker/ Introduction during cocktails
We will be opening gifts right after dinner
$21 per person please send check to:
Bridgette Bender, PO Box 941, East Troy, WI 53120
RSVP by telling me how many people
And your 2 meat choices: Chicken / Ham / Roast Beef

HONS and friends of HONS

Annual Hags on Nags Wish & Wine evening at West 20 Ranch & Saddle Co.
W4812 Hwy 20 East Troy, WI 53120 (262) 642-4272
WHEN: December 7, 2013
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30
Shopping opportunity, however, no need to shop. Just have fun!
Have in mind what you want for Christmas for you and your horse??
Shop that night or “window” shop and give West 20 your wish list. Then your husband, significant other, and/or friends can come before Christmas and buy from your list and still receive the 20% discount. ** This is a super opportunity if you are looking for boots, etc.
There will be a fashion show with cowgirl attire focusing on “how to pick the right jeans for your body type.”

Besides the 20% discount on items, there will be coupons hidden throughout the store for those who find them to receive additional $$s off.

Not shopping?? That’s ok. Please join us for a fun evening. Come and meet new horse lovers/trail riding buddies.

Questions: Contact Bernie Meagher at 414-243-2582 bmeagher@wi.rr.com
** All items 20% off except for clearance items and chemical items and saddles.
*** Saddles $50 off if you purchase that night.

Hagmania 2013 Update

We had a great turnout and beautiful weather for Hagmania 2013.
Thanks to Karen Ulven for being the Chair Mare for this event.
The homemade trophies & ribbons were a big hit.
Thanks to Pat Nelson and Barb Laho for donating all of them and for all their hard work and time in making them.
Thank you to all of you who donated items for the silent auction and made vender site donations.
Thanks to all of you who came out to ride and volunteer – we couldn’t do it without you!
We sold $150.00 in club merchandise and made $352.00 toward the PRR. A total of $502.00.

Pink Ribbon Ride 2014
We are still in need of a member chair this event to make it happen! Anyone interested?
You will get help from DeDe Nelson & Sheri Roberson
Contact me A.S.A.P at 2herdmare@gmail.com

Last month, I asked you to email me fundraising ideas to share with members.
I received ideas from only 3 out of 194 members.
Please send YOUR ideas to 2herdmare@gmail.com
The following are the ideas submitted:
1. Grow annuals/perennials or fruits/veggies and sell them
2. Have a garage or tack sale and donate a percentage of the earnings
3. A boot polish stand at the PRR or at the tack sales
4. Barn de cob webbing group of volunteers in your area for barns owners willing to make a donation
5. Collect donation items to auction
6. Horse trailer wash fundraiser
7. Make items to sell and donate percentage (crafts, horse items, etc.)
8. Horse brush cleaning fundraiser

Jefferson Tack Sale

A nice perk for members!
We have rented 3 tables at the tack sale. Members can bring tack items for sale at no cost to you!
The sale will be January 19th, 2014 in Jefferson, WI. You will be responsible for dropping off and picking up your own items. Please have your items marked with price and your name. Please contact Pauline at pikecty@aol.com for further information and let her know you can help run the 3 tables.

Chili Dump

The weather (even the hail) couldn’t keep all those cowgirls away!
Here’s a picture of just a few of the ladies! Lots more photos in the website “Gallery”
We had a great turn out.
Thanks Susan and Donna for putting this together!

New Members
Kay Fritsch
Hi All, I am one of your newest members. Read my bio on our “Meet Our Members” page!

Victoria Fritsch
At the moment I just mainly ride for casual fun. I had been planning to start riding western pleasure about 2 and a half years ago but got pregnant. Since then I have been busy with kids as my husband was finishing up school. Now that he is done, I have more time to get into riding. I have a yearling quarter horse/percheron cross. I would have access to a trailer. I do want to get more involved, particularly with trail riding (even competitive).
I am very detailed oriented and very organized. I love getting involved in all sorts of projects.
I hope to continue to build and strengthen my horsemanship skills as well as make new friends in the horse world.

Patti Warmenhoven
Trail riding. I’m interested in camping. My husband doesn’t ride and I’m looking to ride with others.
Missouri Fox Trotter. .Just got him in September. He is well trained, knows more than I do.
I’ve had horses most of my life. As a teen I camped out often with just a sleeping bag. Now I think I need more comforts. Unfortunately I have a little 2 horse trailer and sleep in the back of my Durango.
I board my horse Cash at a friend’s farm. She will be joining this group too.
Hmm. . . I must have something. Lol
I have so many hobbies and love creating things. Name a craft -I’ve done it.
Seriously, I am happy to help with anything and love to learn.
Companionship with like-minded women and their horses.

Yvette Loiselle
Appaloosa. Foundation bred.
I own a truck and trailer.
I own my own boarding stable and have an indoor and hay to sell.
I am living the dream. Want to finish my mare’s education with some trail riding. Open to teaching basics to others (useful dressage).
My dream is to rescue mustangs and train them for others. I like training young horses.

Talented rider and trainer. Good sense of humor. Been around horse since I was five. Grew up riding bareback all over the place. Now I am a trained equestrian with skills to share. I am not a dressage queen it’s an art form to me!!!!! It’s just a way to train horses. And yes in will trail ride in my dressage saddle. I do own a western saddle but only use it for emergencies such as pulling an ass from the pit on the Sabbath. Ha-ha kidding. 🙂

Classifieds (send ads to: janecekamy@gmail.com, please specify if you want the ad run continuously)

Looking for a trail horse: Janel (a HON member) is looking to buy a dead broke, been there, done that trail horse. She’d like a gelding between 14.3 and 15.2 hands. No bad habits. No testing its riding. Slow going TRAIL HORSE with no issues! A horse you wouldn’t be afraid to put any body on. janelwilms6@yahoo.com

Hags on Nags License Plate Frames – custom Hags on Nags license plate frames are available for only $5 each! Put one on your truck, one on your trailer, one on your tractor… Contact Sheri

Tote bags made out of feed bags: including horses,
cattle, chickens, sheep, dogs, cats, etc., in sizes large,
medium and small. Contact Karen Reider at
kerranchus@yahoo.com or 920-296-8383

I am a fellow Hag member and dealer for Trailer Eyes Camera
Systems, and make and sell the Quick Picket picket line kits.
Audrey Kawlewski
7881 Prairie Hill Road
South Beloit, IL 61080

Upcoming Events

This is a tentative calendar of events and details or dates may change! Be sure to contact the person organizing the event to stay updated, and if possible, join/decline/maybe the event on Facebook so you have it on your calendar and stay informed. As always, you don’t have to camp to join in one of our camping weekends, dropping in for a day ride or potluck is just fine! Each ride is different, but you can usually plan on groups riding out around 9-10 am and getting together for a pot luck dinner on Saturday around 5-6ish pm. Often there will be other rides and activities going on, such as group movies, campfires, swimming, fish fry, etc, See the event coordinator for details. *NOTE* some events may be found on the “other events” section of our website calendar, if they are not a HON event.

Please watch our Facebook site for any updates and new events if possible, and use this great resource to connect with other riders, campers and just for fun events in general!

Nov 10th – Menomonee Falls Saddle Club Tack Sale – Hartford WI, Hartford Town Hall http://www.mfsaddleclub.com/2013-tack-sale.html

Dec 7th – Wish & Wine at West 20 Ranch & Saddle Company – East Troy, WI, See information above or contact Bernie Meagher for more information

Dec 14th – HON Christmas Party – at the Duck Inn in Richmond, WI. Cocktails and appetizer social hour beginning at 5:30pm, dinner to follow. Cost is $21 per person. Pre-registration deadline is Dec 7th. Contact Bridgette Bender for more information.

Jan 18th – Annual Meeting – Johnstown Community Center
The address is
9937 E. County Trunk A
Janesville, WI 53545
hotchocJan 19th – Jefferson County 4H Tack Sale – Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Jefferson WI
Feb 16th – Waukesha County 4H Tack Sale – Waukesha County Fairgrounds, Waukesha WI
April 11, 12 & 13th Midwest Horse Fair, Madison WI – http://www.midwesthorsefair.com/