IMPORTANT – PINK RIBBON RIDE 2014 From the Herdmare, Sheri R
We are already in the planning mode for next year. One year from now, we WILL have a Pink Ribbon Ride. We are in the process of securing a location to hold it.
I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on how to raise even more money than in the past. The goal would be to break $20,000.00. This will take a TEAM effort. We will need tons of volunteers. We literally couldn’t have too many volunteers. It is not too early to start raising money right now. If we each take this seriously and we take each and every day from now until October 2014, we will have a good chance at exceeding our expectations by a long shot.
I’m going to start a list of ideas from members on how to raise money. Please send me your ideas. I will send the list out in each newsletter. So, if you’re serious about helping the lives affected by breast cancer. Let’s get started!
Now, The twist!
Since we didn’t host an actual PRR this year. How cool would it be to double our goal to $40,000.00!!! You may say “IMPOSSIBLE!” but with a 191 club members. What if every club member would fund raise $210.00 in the next 12 months! That’s less than $1.00 a day! Only $17.50 a month. This could be in collecting donation items, collecting monetary donations or ______________! (You fill in the blank)
Let’s give this our all, make it a team effort as a club and try our hardest and kick breast cancer to the curb.
I do not want to wait until the January meeting to get started, so please contact me if you’re willing to volunteer some time, brain storm some ideas and are ready to raise some funds!
Contact Sheri Roberson at

We currently have 191 members and still need more bios and pictures! We have a fantastic website that allows us to put in many things. Sandy and I have been hard at work trying to get every members bio on to the new website. They were coming in pretty good, but now have stopped! You know who you are… Please send us something to put in there. Send them to

If you didn’t mark your calendars last month, Here’s the information again –
Our 2014 annual club meeting. It will be January 18th in Johnstown Community Center.
Have safe, fun filled fall rides and enjoy the colors!
Sheri Roberson

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Noteworthy news:

HON Biggest Loser Contest Comes to an End
For the last 12 weeks, about a dozen health-conscious HONs have been making an effort to eat smart and lose weight. Members assumed code names and each week they weighed in and then reported their weight. Calculations were tabulated according to the percentage of body weight lost, not pounds. Each participant contributed $20 at the beginning of the challenge and the top three “losers” shared the pot 50/30/20. Congratulations go out to Sandy G in first place, (again!) Char O in second place, and Darlene W in third place. If there is interest, HON Biggest Loser Winter is a possibility. Contact Sandy R at if interested.

HONS at Big Valley Ranch for Best of America on Horseback Ride
Are you familiar with the popular RFDTV program called “Best of America on Horseback?” On the weekly show, hosts Tom Seay and Del Shields take viewers to beautiful riding destinations all over the country. The show features the trails, area history, local riders, location facilities and beautiful scenery. For the first time ever, BOA filmed in Wisconsin! Big Valley Ranch in Avoca,WI hosted the ride September 20-22 and it was nothing short of spectacular! Owners Stacy and Les Orosz went all out and made the weekend one to remember. Our club was well represented at the ride, with 25 (and still counting!) HONs in attendance. All agree that it was an experience they will never forget! The TV episode featuring the Big Valley Ranch Ride will air in December some time…watch for details. With over 100 riders, it will be a challenge to spot all the HONs but do try! And if you haven’t been to Big Valley Ranch, give that a try too. You won’t be disappointed!

New HON Clothing Available
New Shirt Order!!!
The last order of HON clothing was so popular that I am willing to offer another opportunity. I can’t get the same warm up suits, but we can do black long sleeve T shirts, crew neck sweatshirts and zip up hoodies with the logo seen here. These will be unisex sized Gliden or Hanes. Prices are based on an order of 12 items, any combination below. If we have more than that, prices go down more. Contact to order or for more information.

Hagmania Fun Show / Pink Ribbon Ride Fundraiser Fair
Thanks to everyone who came to help, who came to ride, who brought donation items and for the use of the facility. It was bigger than expected and we had a lot of fun and beautiful weather too. Exact totals are not yet completely added up, but we took in around $500.00.

New Members!
Here’s a big welcome to the newest HONs herd members. There are many club events and rides to choose from! I look forward to meeting each of you! If you have questions, concerns or confusions, your herd mare is just an email away! Feel free at any time to email me at If you haven’t already, please submit a photo and we can either use your paragraph below or you can submit a new one for the member’s bio on the website. Thank You, Sheri Roberson

Cyndi Merka – Burlington, WI
My husband says buying a Friesian just to trail ride is like getting a ferrari just to go to WalMart. Despite this, he has a great relationship with Ziglar, taking time to graze him whenever he has the fancy. I fell in love with Ziglar 3 years ago at MWHF, and by fall he was home with me at a stable on the edge of Richard Bong Recreation Area. The trails there have declined from little care to overgrown and full of deadfall over the last couple years, so last Friday I moved him to Route 67 Ranch across from the Eagle trailhead. I’ve been in love with horses since learning to ride around age 3, earned enough to buy my own by the time I was 10, and found my parents a place to live we could have my first horse at, when they balked. I was horseless from the age of 15 til the point I met Ziglar; evidently I had to wait for the right one to be born to be my Boy. Zig and I love trails. He is the light of my life, and the center of each day, although it is now 35 min to drive
to him. I have an Avalanche and a solid 3 horse slant WW (1994), but it is too heavy to travel much. Ziglar is around 17.2 hands, and still growing; as we have trail access now I’ve parked the trailer until an emergency requires it, but plan to acquire a newer model once he is done growing. We love LOVE LOVE winter trails, but Kettle Moraine seems to have year round goodness to offer, so I can see us spending far more time year round on the trail.

I’m not sure what you’d like here…between Zig and I we throw some pretty good shade on a hot day. While much of our time on the trail is alone together, Zig is known as “Prince Valium” for other horses who might be nervous. After he’s stood up tall and looked a thing over, there are few horses who can question it having been checked out properly. I am a retired entertainment professional. Band roadie, stage builder, rigger, convention operations, etc. I love folks who love their horses, and will always lend a hand if someone needs one. I grow the best catnip around, (ask any barn cat), and I share. I’d like to do more quilting projects with other folks, especially for a good cause. I’m interested in continuing to learn all there is to know about people and their horses, from those willing to share what they know with me.

Anita Schumacher – Elkhorn, WI
Western riding and want to do more trail riding, would love to camp but have never gone before. I have a Q.H. gelding and a Morgan Frisian mare. I have a truck and trailer. I grew up showing horses at halter and western pleasure, and got out of it when i started a family. i have 2 children ages 23 and 17, and my husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. i love spending time with my horses and would love to be part of a group that has restarted or new to horses at a later age because it would help my confidence also. I live close to Bong and kettle moraine for riding
I am an R.N., I love flower gardening and taking care of my lawn, I have 3 dogs 2 cats, and a goat. I love to try different soup recipes, but other than that cook because I have to. My horses are on my property so i can just sit and watch them whenever I want to. I like doing crafts, painting and could help anyone who wants to get into showing horses in western or halter.
To meet women who enjoy the same passion for horses that I do. To meet new friends to ride with, have fun with enjoy the outdoors with their horses.

Christie Hendersen – Oregon, WI
Currently, and for the last 15 years, I have been riding for pleasure in a western saddle. I have two American Quarter Horses and no truck or trailer…
My husband and I own Old Mill Feed & Garden in Dallas, Oregon. We sell equine and livestock feed, pet food and supplies and garden supplies, as well as host several events that are equine, livestock, pet or garden related. I own one senior, special needs mare and just bought a seven year old mare for riding.
At our business, we host several events throughout the year. One of those events is a Horse Owner’s Workshop that we partner with Purina Animal Nutrition to bring to our attendees. We have over 100 attendees at this Saturday/all day event. We don’t charge for this event and it is a lot of fun.
I am a professional graphic designer and pen & ink artist.
I am looking for a community of riders to share riding experiences with, without drama…tired of the drama. I just want to ride with nice people and have fun on my horse.

Edie Brogan – Cottage Grove, WI
I own 4 and 1/4 equines (mini-mule rescue Alfie!). My best friend and former police partner is HotShot, a 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Percheron bay gelding who was raised from a baby for police work – he was on a lead-line downtown at 4 months old. His half-sister Libby is the same breed-cross (black). Their sire Baron Von Black also lives at our farm now and is retired – he has his own Facebook page, as he was quite popular in our area in the 90’s. My fourth horse is a 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Paint reining-bred gelding named Arrow (black with major chrome!). I do have a trailer, but don’t haul anyone who is not a formal client. I enjoy attending training and clinics with my own horses in a quest for continual self-improvement in my horsemanship, but am most happy as a trail-hound!
45+ year horseman and current equine professional. Retired from the UW Police Dept. in 2006 after 26 years of policing, 18 of them mounted patrol. Led the Dane County-wide interdepartmental mounted patrol for 12 years (1994-2006). Numerous mounted police clinics and demonstrations leading mounted police from many WI depts., including over 10 years at Midwest Horse Fair. First certified Mounted Police Instructor in Wisconsin (1996). Formally assessed Level 4 Parelli Natural Horsemanship student, although also a student of many other great horsemen (Buck Brannaman, Karen Rohlf, etc.). Currently have my own LLC ( natural horsemanship training and lessons business, specializing in sensory, obstacle, and baby-training. I also start horses under saddle and/or do remedial training for current horsemanship clients who are taking lessons. Current trainer for Madison Mounted Police and member of Friends Of Madison Mounted Police Non-Profit Board of Directors. Also trained in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER).
I have a number of friends who are already members and am long overdue to join this group – finally getting around to it!

Kay Fritsch – Dodgeville, WI
Watch for her bio on our website. We will add it when we receive it.

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16″ seat saddle very good shape
I believe it’s a full quarter horse bar.
Call Audrey at 815-703-4465

Barrel Saddle for Sale
15in. Seat
FQH bars
Located in Brodhead, WI.
$400. Firm
Was used for maybe a half hour otherwise Brand New.
Been sitting in den looking pretty.
Email for pictures or information on it.
Email Rhonda Kuschel

Hags on Nags License Plate Frames – custom Hags on Nags license plate frames are available for only $5 each! Put one on your truck, one on your trailer, one on your tractor… Contact Sheri

Tote bags made out of feed bags: including horses,
cattle, chickens, sheep, dogs, cats, etc., in sizes large,
medium and small. Contact Karen Reider at or 920-296-8383

I am a fellow Hag member and dealer for Trailer Eyes Camera
Systems, and make and sell the Quick Picket picket line kits.
Audrey Kawlewski
7881 Prairie Hill Road
South Beloit, IL 61080

Upcoming Events
This is a tentative calendar of events and details or dates may change! Be sure to contact the person organizing the event to stay updated, and if possible, join/decline/maybe the event on Facebook so you have it on your calendar and stay informed. As always, you don’t have to camp to join in one of our camping weekends, dropping in for a day ride or potluck is just fine! Each ride is different, but you can usually plan on groups riding out around 9-10 am and getting together for a pot luck dinner on Saturday around 5-6ish pm. Often there will be other rides and activities going on, such as group movies, campfires, swimming, fish fry, etc, See the event coordinator for details. *NOTE* some events may be found on the “other events” section of our website calendar, if they are not a HON event.

Please watch our Facebook site for any updates and new events if possible, and use this great resource to connect with other riders, campers and just for fun events in general!

Oct 11-13th Camping at La Riviere – Prairie du Chien, WI End of the Trail Ontario, WI

Oct 11-13 The Natural Gait – Marquette, IA

Oct 17-20th Wildcat Mountain State Park – Ontario WI

Oct 18-20th Matthiessen State Park, Utica, IL Matthiessen is located near Starved Rock State Park on Highway 78 South. There are 15 miles of gently rolling to moderate, mostly single lane dirt trails. They have 25 camp sites, pit toilets and water.

Oct 25-27th Halloween Weekend @ Ukarydee – – Arkdale, WI

Oct 26-27th SKMHTA Halloween Campout & Costume Ride through Palmyra – Palmyra WI

Nov 2nd – Chili Dump

Dec 7th – Wish & Wine at West 20 Ranch & Saddle Company – East Troy, WI, contact Bernie Meagher for more information

Dec 14th – HON Christmas Party at Countryside Inn, Milton, WI –

January 2014
Jan 18th – Annual Meeting, Contact Sheri