August 2013 Hags on Nags Newsletter

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Noteworthy news:
An Update on Horse Camping at Governor Dodge State Park Submitted by S. Rogers
Perhaps you remember the previous discussions about the sad state of horse camping at Governor Dodge State Park? Maybe you wrote letters. You might have completed a survey prepared by the WI Horse Council? Well, here’s an update.

According to Ken Carpenter of the WI Horse Council, the Director of the DNR, Dan Schuller, did pay a visit to the park. He saw firsthand just how bad the camping area is. Mr. Schuller’s review of the existing location was that it is so bad that he would not be willing to spend any money on the existing location at all.

That might sound like good news, but there is more to it. The DNR’s budget for 2015-17 most likely will be reduced to the point that projects will just not happen. Ken Carpenter’s estimate of $1M to do the campground and another $1M for showers is definitely not something this budget will support. According to Carpenter, the Parks Dept. is beginning to review their policies and legislated authority to see how they can pursue user group partnerships and corporate sponsors. This could possibly open the doors for outside funding. Stay tuned….

Kinnickinick – Submitted by Audrey K.
Some of you may or may not be aware but Kinnicknick is closed until further notice due to storm damage, trees down, washouts etc. There is a meeting Monday August 5th regarding getting the work done and for volunteers to get info etc. The meeting will be Monday August 5th at 6pm at the Roger Gustafson Nature Center located at 603 N. Appleton Road, Belvidere, IL. If interested in helping, please show up at the meeting if you can!

Clinic Anyone? Submitted by S. Rogers
The Hags on Nags Saddle Club has always embraced three guiding principles…to have fun, learn, and give back. We have plenty of fun; no one would argue with that! We make an effort to give back, supporting many worthwhile causes, from helping women with breast cancer, to sending help to horses hurt by tornados in Oklahoma. But what about learning? We learn from each other on many occasions, that’s for sure. Let’s not forget about the many professional clinics that are offered in and around our area. No matter what your discipline is, there are things to learn. The Hags on Nags Saddle Club can provide some financial support by offering Clinic Scholarships! If you have been a HON for at least two years and agree to share something that you learn from attending a clinic, you may be eligible for $50. Details are available on our website under the “Members” tab. Check it out!

New Members!
Here’s a big welcome to the newest HONs herd members. There are many club events and rides to choose from! I look forward to meeting each of you! If you have questions, concerns or confusions, your herd mare is just an email away! Feel free at any time to email me at
If you haven’t already, please submit a photo and we can either use your paragraph below or you can submit a new one for the member’s bio on the website. Thank You, Sheri Roberson

Linda Bricco Schalk – Milton, WI
I am a reincarnated Hag! Have been off the map for a while and glad to be back. I ride for fun, peace of mind, excitement, harmony, challenge, relaxation and the unique amazing partnering with a huge gorgeous beast who is my best pal. I do not have a truck/trailer at this time, but would pay the gas if anyone was gracious enough to pick Shooter and I up (just north of Milton) and go have some fun. Shooter and I started Parelli when he was a yearling, (he’s 13 now and we’re not telling my age-lol) so we are into natural horsemanship. I learned the Strasser Method of hoof care, so my guy is a barefoot aficionado. Also, I am totally into natural remedies, healing and proactive wellness, so that is integrated into my own and my critter’s life style. Mostly, I see myself as a most at ease in the saddle exploring the landscape, having great conversations with Shooter and some neato peeps! hugs, linda

Marcia Pockat – Ripon, WI
I am nearly 3 years new to the world of riding. I ride western pleasure. It has been a life dream of mine to learn to ride. I had farm businesses that kept me so busy besides my family that I didn’t achieve that dream until now. I have 2 horses. Prince is possibly a Buckskin QH with something else that makes for an extremely smooth gait. He is 20 years old and so sensitive to my cues it is a dream to ride him! He was a brat when I first got him but we are good friends now. I just recently found Otis. He is a 7 year old paint. He and I learning many things together. He is so sleepy and loving. So I think he will be a horse anyone can ride. I board both of them so that I can continue to learn and the indoor arena is hard to beat! I have a Circle J 2 horse trailer and truck to pull it with. I do a bit of photography, am an artist and was a commercial dairy goat farmer for many years. So I’m very interested in animal husbandry and am not afraid to get very dirty! I have gone on one horse camping adventure, Caroline Colorama, last year with friends and a quite a few one day trail rides locally. I am in heaven when I ride despite the fact in 2010 I was severely injured by a 30 year old horse! It is my dream and that horse was not going to derail that dream. But once a year camp-out or adventure is not enough for me. I will be on my own quite a bit now starting in October, since my husband is going to live in China for a few years. I will be living in China during the winters and here in the summers. I can’t give up my horse time or my dogs for fulltime in China. So I am looking for people with horse interests to share time and adventures with.

Kayle Ziegenhorn – Illinois City, IL
I only trail ride. I love to camp and I am starting to get more adventurous and travel farther so that I get the opportunity to ride more and with more people. Many times I have no one to ride with and for safety reasons I stay home. I own registered quarter horses that are safe and behave well in groups. I have a truck and trailer with LQ. There is a small forest preserve close to my home (Loud Thunder Forest Preserve) with a nice arena, but I am sure most would think it is too far to go. I have gotten into cast iron cooking the past few years. I learned to ride as an adult and after many accidents I took a few lessons. I can actually explain to someone how to change their seat, but I reserve comments for those who ask.

Tonya Vike – Edgerton WI
I am an intermediate rider, riding western. I have a 12 year old quarter horse mare and I lost my 26 year old quarab about a week ago. He broke his neck in 2 places and it was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever witnessed. Our family is heartbroken. I got a goat to keep my mare company until I can get another horse. I do have a truck and trailer, and I am looking for people to ride with because I feel much safer riding with other people. I’m hoping to meet some new friends!

Lou Warpinski – Watertown, WI
I ride western and drive. Have two Standardbred retired race horses, one trotter and pacer and a paint. Love my Standardbreds. Have a converted stock trailer to a 3 horse slant with a nice size tack area. I don’t have a place to host a horse activity/ride at this time, but hope to be moving sometime in the next year and maybe will have a bigger place. Had my first horse for my 4th birthday, a Shetland pony named Dusty. Took English riding lessons at the UW – La Crosse and also started jumping. Life took many twists and turns and in I didn’t have horses again until 1996 when my brother was moving and gave me his two horses. In 2005 I adopted Sandy, a Standardbred trotter from the American Adoption Program starting our love with the Standardbred breed. Joey followed the following fall and another one Shiloh in 2008. We lost Shiloh in 2012 and bought a paint for my 10yr old grandson to show in 4-H and me to ride and trail ride with my friend, Diane. In 2006 with help from a family friend who drove draft horses I starting driving and am hooked mostly doing parades, small shows, and driving the back roads around our farm.

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Hags on Nags License Plate Frames – custom Hags on Nags license plate frames are available for only $5 each! Put one on your truck, one on your trailer, one on your tractor and make it sexy!… Contact Sandy or Sheri

Tote bags made out of feed bags: including horses,
cattle, chickens, sheep, dogs, cats, etc., in sizes large,
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I am a fellow Hag member and dealer for Trailer Eyes Camera
Systems, and make and sell the Quick Picket picket line kits.
Audrey Kawlewski
7881 Prairie Hill Road
South Beloit, IL 61080

Upcoming Events
This is a tentative calendar of events and details or dates may change! Be sure to contact the person organizing the event to stay updated, and if possible, join/decline/maybe the event on Facebook so you have it on your calendar and stay informed. As always, you don’t have to camp to join in one of our camping weekends, dropping in for a day ride or potluck is just fine! Each ride is different, but you can usually plan on groups riding out around 9-10 am and getting together for a pot luck dinner on Saturday around 5-6ish pm. Often there will be other rides and activities going on, such as group movies, campfires, swimming, fish fry, etc, See the event coordinator for details. *NOTE* some events may be found on the “other events” section of our website calendar, if they are not a HON event.

Please watch our Facebook site for any updates and new events if possible, and use this great resource to connect with other riders, campers and just for fun events in general!

NOTE: Camping at Matthiessen State Park, Utica, IL has been rescheduled to the weekend of October 18, 2013. Fall temperatures will be more inviting, along with the fall color. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. An Event has been created. More information will be added as it gets closer. – Donna M

Aug 8-11th Matthiessen State Park – RESCHEDULED to Oct 18th

Aug 23-25th Margarita Cool Down Weekend – Wildcat Mountain State Park, Ontario WI (some HON’s may be going to End of the Trail and/or Kickapoo Reserve earlier in the week)

Aug 30-Sept 2nd Labor Day @ Endless Valley Stables – Spring Green WI

Aug 30-Sept 2nd Labor Day @ Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest – Palmyra WI

Sept 6-8th Camping @ Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest – Palmyra WI – SKMHTA Annual Fall Roundup Cookout and Fundraiser

Sept 20-22nd Best of America By Horseback at Big Valley Ranch

Sept 27-29th Camping @ Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest – New Prospect Horseriders Campground, Campbellsport WI, NKMHTA Poker Ride and Obstacle Course Challenge

Sept 29th Hagmania 2013! The Hags on Nags Fun Show for members and close friends/family is back! Hagmania returns to Kenda Shotliff’s Farm, 9402 N Berg Road, Evansville, WI 53536. 10 games on horseback with awards for 1-6th place. Classes start at 10am sharp! Entry fee is $10 per person or $25 per household family unit. A CURRENT NEGATIVE COGGINS is required for every horse entering the properly and a copy must be left with the show management. A wavier of liability must be signed for every rider. Please contact Karen Ulven at (630)881-2550 or for more information.

Oct 11-13th Camping at La Riviere – Prairie du Chien, WI

Oct 11-13 The Natural Gait – Marquette, IA

Oct 17-20th Wildcat Mountain State Park – Ontario WI

Oct 18-20th Matthiessen State Park, Utica, IL Matthiessen is located near Starved Rock State Park on Highway 78 South. There are 15 miles of gently rolling to moderate, mostly single lane dirt trails. They have 25 camp sites, pit toilets and water.

Oct 25-27th Halloween Weekend @ Ukarydee – – Arkdale, WI

Oct 26-27th SKMHTA Halloween Campout & Costume Ride through Palmyra – Palmyra WI

Nov 2nd – Chili Dump

Dec 7th – Wish & Wine at West 20 Ranch & Saddle Company – East Troy, WI, contact Bernie Meagher for more information

Dec 14th – HON Christmas Party