January 2013 Hags on Nags Newsletter

Welcome to a new year of HON fun! This newsletter will be a pretty simple affair, not very fancy, just a summary of what has happened in the last month, what is coming up in the near future and classifieds any HON’s would like shared with the rest of the club. Many of our members are now using Facebook to communicate, and all members are strongly encouraged to do so as it makes planning events, sharing photos and making last minute plans and changes much easier.. but for those who are not using Facebook, this will hopefully help keep us all on the same page!

Remember, even if you don’t like Facebook, our official website, www.hagsonnags.net, has our event calendar and member contact list, membership form and quite a bit of information and photos. The member contact list can be found under the “Club Info” section, with a log on of “members” and a password of “saddleup”.

Please submit any news, events or classifieds to janecekamy@gmail.com and I will include them in the next newsletter. My goal is to have the newsletter done and out by the 30th of each month.

Please take note!!
Send in your 2013 membership dues, or you will be removed from the mailing list and Facebook group!

Send $10 and your membership form to: Sherri Torrison 8235 County Road KK Milton, WI 53563

Also, if you have not already, send an email to Bridgette: bbender83@yahoo.com AND add her to your contact list. This accomplishes two things; one, it ensures Bridgette has your current email address on file, and two, by adding her to your contact list, her emails should never go to your “junk” or “spam” email folders.

Annual Meeting:

You all should have received the followup and summary email from the annual meeting, if not, contact Sandy Rogers or Bridgette Bender: bbender83@yahoo.com. As always there were a lot of laughs, great food and discussions for plans for the club, as well as a thank you to Sandy Rogers for her years as Herdmare and the “handing over of the reins” to Bridgette (draft mare) and Sherri (mini mare) for the 2013 year.

Noteworthy news:

Book Club
Sandy Rogers has started a HON Book Club. The first book to be read is called “The Horse Boy”. It is a true account of a family’s journey to Mongolia in the hopes of finding help for their autistic son from the horse people of that area. It is available at most libraries and online. We will have a couple of discussions (over breakfast or online) and then perhaps get together to watch the movie. If you signed up at the meeting, Sandy has you down, begin reading now. Contact: slrogers@idcnet.com

Horse Camping for Newbies **location change**
A no-cost clinic for beginners and those who have never camped with their horses before will be held March 17th at 1:00pm at the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest Headquarters in Eagle, WI. This clinic will be open to all HON’s and their friends and will cover planning, what to pack, travel, horse and human accommodations, tips, etc. For presentation info contact Sandy Rogers, please RSVP to: janecekamy@gmail.com

2014 Hags on Nags Calendar
Fawn Richards will be photographing for the calendar project throughout the year. A summary of the plans for this project was sent out in a previous email, but we would like to encourage everyone to get involved! Take on a month and plan a theme, arrange for a location and get people together! To schedule your photo shoot, contact Fawn: fhr_97@yahoo.com

Western Dressage – clinic interest???
Message from Tracy Baumann: Please let me know if you are interested in Western Dressage. If you aren’t sure exactly what that is, you can find more info. at: www.wisconsinwesterndressage.org (they also have a FB page). If we have enough people who are definitely interested, I will email the contact Sandy gave me and organize a clinic with her. After that, I will look for a facility that is centrally located to the clinic participants. It looks like the cost is $60.00, plus any facility fees, for an all-day clinic. Thanks, Ladies!

Wildcat Mountain Electrical Upgrade Update
On Jan. 31, 2013 at 9 a.m. Central Time, the following properties will have their campsites listed open for reservations for spring 2013: Wildcat Mountain State Park: Horse sites 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 18, 21, 22, 23, and 24

Hags on Nags License Plate Frames – custom Hags on Nags license plate frames are available for only $5 each! Put one on your truck, one on your trailer, one on your tractor… Contact Sandy or Bridgette

Horse Camping Clinic at Midwest Horse Fair!! – latebreaking news, the Horse Camping clinic organized by Sandy Rogers will not only be repeated in Eagle, WI for local horsepeople, but has been accepted to be presented as a clinic at Midwest Horse Fair! How exciting is that!!

HON Video/DVD Library:

HON member Kim Jaye is our librarian. Contact Kim at stevenkim@centurytel.net if you wish to borrow or add videos to our member library. She asks you to pay for the shipping to mail you the video, with you responsible for returning it to her (she could possibly bring the selection to campouts that she is attending to save on postage). Videos in the collection currently are (list also available on HON website):

Scott Hansen.. Former Mounted police officer Dealing with dogs on the trail
Self Defense for trail riders.
Making your horse Road safe.

Improving your balance and fell using a bareback pad.

Larry Whitesell. Gaited horse trainer RIDING A BETTER GAITED HORSE
Bits and Saddles
Number 1 Engagement , Lateral flexion, Vertical Flexion, Backup, shoulder in, turn on haunches, octagon Number 2 Flexing under saddle, Speed control, Follow the Feel, Forward and Around, Circles.
Number 3 Turn on the forehand, Rollbacks, Moving the Shoulders, Combining Moves, Backing Under saddle. Number 4 360 ‘s, Shoulder In Under saddle, Backing in a Circle, Workout.

Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship Each course has some of each Area within it.. And built on each other. Area’s covered: Round pen, Ground School, Mounted, Mounted Refined
Course 1: Freedom
Course 2: Awareness

Course 3: Movement Course 4: Horsemanship

Upcoming Events
This is a tentative calendar of events and details or dates may change! Be sure to contact the person organizing the event to stay updated, and if possible, join/decline/maybe the event on Facebook so you have it on your calendar and stay informed. As always, you don’t have to camp to join in one of our camping weekends, dropping in for a day ride is just fine! Each ride is different, but you can usually plan on groups riding out around 9-10 am and getting together for a pot luck dinner on Saturday around 5-6ish pm. Often there will be other rides and activities going on, such as group movies, campfires, swimming, fish fry, etc.. see the event coordinator for details.

NOTE: this is the only time I will post the full year’s schedule, future newsletters will only spotlight new/added events and list the upcoming TWO months

Green County Tack Sale – Feb 3rd, Monroe WI
Medieval Times outing – Feb 9th at 4:30pm, Schaumburg IL contact Rhonda Stewart
Waukesha 4H Tack Sale & Breakfast – Feb 10th at 7:30am, meet for breakfast at the Machine Shed prior to

going to the tack sale, contact Fawn Richards for info/reservations
Mongolia on Ice… Cream – Feb 17th at 1:00pm, Culvers in Newville, WI. Ann will go share her experiences

from her recent trip to Mongolia. All are invited, RSVP’s are appreciated. Contact Sandy Rogers Spank! – Thursday Feb 21st, contact Audrey K
Rock Co Tack Sale – Sunday Feb 24th, contact Pauline or JoAnn

Diving into Dodge – 2, 3, 9 or 10? Contact Sandy Rogers
Coggins Clinic – Feb 16th, 9am. Contact Mary Margaret
Horse Camping for Newbies – March 17th 1pm at the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest Headquarters,

Eagle WI contact Amy Janecek janceckamy@gmail.com for RSVP **NOTE LOCATION CHANGE** SKMHTA Equine Law seminar – March 23, location TBA

Spring in the Shawnee – April 1-7th, contact Sue Nardini
Equine Affair – April 11-14, Ohio Expo Center, Columbus OH http://www.equineaffaire.com/ohio Midwest Horse Fair – April 19-21st, Alliant Energy Center, Madison WI http://www.midwesthorsefair.com

(CAMP) Northern Kettle Moraine, New Prospect WI – May 3-5th contact Fawn Richards or Amy Janecek. (CAMP) Southern Kettle Moraine, Palmyra WI – May 10-12th contact Fawn Richards or Amy Janecek (CAMP) Ukarydee in the Springtime, Arkdale WI – May 17-19th http://www.horsecampukarydee.com/ (CAMP) Pie-paloaza at Rockcut State Park, Machseney Park IL – May 31-June 2 contact Donna Meyer

(CAMP) Endless Valley, Spring Green WI – June 7-9th http://endlessvalleystables.com/ South Dakota Trip – June 14-23rd, contact Sherri Torrison for more information

(CAMP) Ukarydee 4th of July Weekend, Arkdale WI – July 3-7th http://www.horsecampukarydee.com/ (CAMP)Palmyra Movie Night – ?? July 12-14th

(CAMP) Franklin Creek State Park, Franklin Grove IL – July 19-21st contact Donna Meyer (CAMP)Governor Dodge State Park – 26-28th ??

(CAMP) Matthiessen State Park, Utica IL – Aug 8-11th contact Donna Meyer
Taking the Reins – Aug 24-25, Alliant Energy Center, Madison WI
(CAMP) Kickapoo Reserve and Wildcat Mountain State Park – Aug 20-25th
(CAMP) Labor Day, Endless Valley, Spring Green WI – Aug 30- Sept 2nd http://endlessvalleystables.com/

(CAMP) Southern Kettle Moraine Movie Weekend – Sept 6-8th OR 13-15th?? contact Sandy Rogers (CAMP) Big Valley Ranch Best of America Ride – Sept 20-22nd http://www.bigvalleyranch.com/ (CAMP) Northern Kettle Moraine, New Prospect WI – Sept 27-29th, contact Donna Meyer

(CAMP) The Natural Gait, Harpers Ferry Iowa – Oct 11-14th http://thenaturalgait.com
(CAMP) La Riviere, Prairie du Chien, WI – Oct 11-13th Contact Karen Turner.
(CAMP) End of the Trail – Oct 11-13th, contact Audrey
(CAMP) Halloween Weekend at Ukarydee, Arkdale WI – Oct 25-27th http://www.horsecampukarydee.com/

Chili Dump, Palmyra WI – Nov 2nd, contact Susan E Wish & Wine??

HON Christmas Party??